Video: Cycling in a Long(ish) Skirt

As you may have noticed, I enjoy wearing skirts and dresses, which means that I often cycle in skirts and dresses.  Last summer, I posted about cycling in a long dress on a bike with a chainguard and soon made a  part II video on a “regular” bike with no chainguard.  In both cases, I was wearing ankle length dresses and had to be careful that the hem would not catch in the chain.

Recently, I found myself wanting to wear a new long(ish) skirt on my regular bike.  This skirt stops about 6 inches above my ankle.  I thought I would have to gather the skirt to keep it from the chain and back wheel, but discovered that the skirt hem stayed far from those danger zones once I’m up on the saddle.

I made a quick video to demonstrate how easy bicycling in this long skirt can be – no special accessories or preparation needed.

Bicycling in a Long(ish) Skirt from LGRAB on Vimeo.

Do you have long(ish) skirts that you can cycle in with no problem?

(p.s. I’ll be using Vimeo to post videos now; I’m tired of all the Creepy McCreepersons on YouTube. Visit our channel.)

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13 thoughts on “Video: Cycling in a Long(ish) Skirt

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  2. Simply Bike says:

    Great video, Dottie! I’ve also experimented with different length skirts and have been surprised to find that I’m able to wear pretty much anything on my bike. I have a few very flowey longer skirts that have too much fabric to not get caught but an a-line skirt in a stiffer fabric such as your woolen one works perfectly. Great demo!

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  4. Laura says:

    I find you video very helpful, thank you. I always ride in shorts and tights. I am afraid to ride wearing skirts, specially on windy days. But I found you video inspiring.

  5. Great video! However, you might note that the type of bike helps facilitate wearing longer skirts. I tried once and only once on my road bike, where the body is positioned forward rather than upright. My poor skirt got tangled and ripped. On my Linus Mixte I had no such problem, which is good since I had to get a new skirt!

    • Dottie says:

      Good point. I have never ridden a road bike or diamond frame bike, so I did not even think about it.

    • David P. says:

      My girlfriend has ridden her road bike in an ankle-length peasant dress by knotting it at somewhere around knee level. This could work for some skirts with a loose enough cut, too, though depending on fabric and pattern the wrinkles might be a bit obvious, I suppose.

  6. I didn’t need instruction on this but I watched it anyway and now I desperately want a long woolen skirt and heeled boots so that I may glide around town like an Edwardian cycling belle.

  7. Pat RC says:

    I recently started biking (three wheels though) and I felt most free when wearing skirts <3 I mostly do city cycling and cycling with my kids on bike seats <3 Thank you for this!

    • Dottie says:

      Hello and thanks so much for your lovely comment. It gave me an opportunity to see this post 8 (!) years later. Enjoy your cycling! :)

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