Nashville Bike Brunch + B-Cycle Test

Well, Nashville’s bike share finally launched on Thursday. I didn’t make it to the launch (whose idea is it to have these things in the middle of the day downtown??) but I feel like being the very first person to sign up for a year’s membership gives me some street cred anyway.

B-Cycle signup

Signing up for B-Cycle at the 12South Winter Warmer

On Sunday, we had a bike lunch at the very bike-friendly Kay Bob’s Grill and Ale near Vanderbilt (they volunteered to host AND they have a brand new bike rack!). Jonathan and Stephanie get points for biking all the way from East Nashville…our next brunch has got to be a little further their way. As we ate, we noted a couple of B-Cycle riders cruising down 21st—an encouraging sign for the program. Of course, the mild weather didn’t hurt: It was easily 60 degrees.


Lauren and me

Lauren and me

Whitney, Stephanie & Jonathan

Whitney, Stephanie & Jonathan

$2 beers and delicious flatbreads were had. Then we strolled down to the closest kiosk to check this whole bike-share thing out.

Nashville or Paris?

Nashville or Paris?

The kiosks were the simplest ones I’ve used yet. Plus, if you’re a member, you can bypass them completely and just hold your pass up to the release point and checking the bike out that way.


And unlike in London, I didn’t snag my tights/bruise myself trying to wrestle the damn bike out of the…holster, for lack of a better word.


As I said before, these are fairly heavy, sturdy, 3-speed bikes. But the seats were easy to adjust and the same bike fit all of us with ease.



They sent me a little text once I had successfully returned the bike, and I also got an email receipt detailing my activity—a nice touch.

blurryB-Cycle meB-CycleNash



While we were at the kiosk, a handful of people stopped to check out the bikes and ask questions about how they worked—proof that a bike share has the power to make people think about cycling as transportation. Though I wouldn’t say that 21st Ave. is my favorite street to bike on (nor is Wedgewood, for that matter, though once it turns into Blakemore it’s OK), this station is one that will really up the program’s visibility. I can see myself using it on days I don’t bike to work if I have to run a lunch errand.

If you’re in Nashville, have you used the bike share? You can join here or find more details here.


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9 thoughts on “Nashville Bike Brunch + B-Cycle Test

  1. Sarah W. says:

    I work downtown, so I went to the launch on Thursday. The four laptops for buying annual memberships had lines of people wanting to sign up–I think the workers were pleasantly surprised. I test rode the bike, and it was great. I love the huge basket, and the lock is so clever. There is a kiosk a short walk from my work, so I look forward to lunchtime rides! Also, I take the bus to downtown and walk, but now I can grab a bike too.

    Sorry I missed your test ride. Looks like fun!

  2. Adams Carroll says:

    I went out to lunch with some coworkers the other day. We carpooled to get there. After our meal, they had to head back to the office and I needed to go to a meeting near the courthouse, so I grabbed a b-cycle at the roundabutt and was on my way. After the meeting I picked up another b-cycle and rode it to my office in rolling mill hill. I wasn’t sure I would need this service… until I did. Now I’m so glad I signed up for the annual membership! I have to say, the bikes are solid. I love the generator hubs, drum brakes, basket and chainguard. Its the perfect city bike.

    Today on my commute home from work I passed 4 different people riding b-cycles towards the titans game. They are going to need more bikes and stations ASAP!!

    • LGRAB says:

      Yes, I’ve been really surprised by how much use I’ve been seeing them get already! The mild weather helps, but clearly it is one of those things people don’t think they need until they do, like you said!

  3. Fred Smith says:

    I like the styling on the bikes, much more snazzy than the ones in London! I just used the ‘Velib’ in Paris at the weekend, which was a lot of fun. I found my bike was a little rickety (showing signs of age) and weighed a ton, but despite that still easily the best way to get about. That scheme was done before London so it seems it is better with each new project. How were they weight wise?

    • LGRAB says:

      Yes, when we were in Paris you really had to scrutinize the bikes before you checked them out. You can tell they get used a lot! The Nashville B-Cycles are pretty heavy, but not as heavy as my Batavus. I’d say maybe 35 pounds? That heavy-duty basket adds a lot of weight to the front.

  4. Glitter Gravel says:

    My boss just told me a story about how she and a friend run from East Nashville to Vanderbilt and back, but this weekend once they got to Vanderbilt they stopped and checked out bikes and rode all around downtown. They were able to ride the bikes back to East Nashville and drop them off at five points. This is AWESOME because she and her friend (well I don’t know about her friend, I’m assuming) don’t very regularly ride bikes for transportation, but she said it was easy and fun and she’ll probably end up using the bike share bikes more often. They’re great for that kind of thing, short, spontaneous trips. I haven’t checked one out myself but have ridden them a few times and they’re nice and stable and well designed for their intended use, IMO. They did a good job with that. I’m glad to see you posted how the passes work – I was wondering about that. I’m glad it seems so simple and easy. I’m a lot more optimistic as this keeps rolling out than I was initially when I heard of it. I hope everything stays maintained well.

  5. Robert Rowe says:

    We have B-cycle in Boulder, CO as well. I’m an annual member despite having my own bikes at my disposal, because, as others said, “They’re there when you need them.”
    Depending on how they’re running B-cycle in Nashville, pay attention to surveys and opportunities to let them know where you want to see new stations. They listen!

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