Fashion Friday: Holiday Glamour

Tis the season: This weekend I’m going to no less than four festive events, which means I need at least four festive outfits. No spoilers on my real-life outfits, but they’ll probably involve glitter and sequins and satin and velvet and lace. Though alas, not a gold Brompton.

holiday glamour
I’ll post my actual holiday outfit once it has made its debut; in the meantime, anyone want to share theirs?
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6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Holiday Glamour

  1. Maria Boustead says:

    This makes me want to party! Also – I can’t help myself – our Po Campo Black Vinyl Clutch would go awesome with this whole ensemble.

  2. ladyfleur says:

    I searched all over for a new dress and came up empty. I really wanted a full skirted dress in cream/gold but the ones I found were not flattering at all.

    So I dug deep in the closet, grabbed a little black dress and accessorized! It was pleased in the end and I only spent $12 on a 50% off necklace.

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