Fashion Friday: Heels on Wheels

“Heels on Wheels” is a phrase that makes me cringe when used in the media to describe women riding bikes.  Since, you know, women should not be defined by a shoe type.   Yet here I go, using the phrase.  In my defense, this is only one post in a blog filled with varied topics about women and bicycling.  Also, the rhyming is irresistible.  :-)

Moving along to the point, a couple of Sundays ago the weather was unseasonably warm and as I headed out the door to a baby shower, I threw on an old pair of heels instead of my usual flats.  I rarely wear heals, preferring to tromp around the city with the steadiness of a mountain goat.  But I’m going through a wardrobe purge/overhaul of sorts and figured I should give these heels one more chance before throwing them in the ebay pile.

Turns out they are actually quite comfortable, provided I don’t stand for a long time.  And biking in them felt pretty bad ass.  The shoes created no logistical problems; as you can see in the photo below, there is plenty of contact between the pedal and the sole.  So these survive the purge, even though I probably won’t wear them often.

Now I’m drawn to the idea of stiletto heels in theory and what better way to play with this idea – sans wasted money and sore paw pads – than incorporating it into my Fashion Friday collage of imaginary outfits.  :-)  Now that the weather is straight-up cold, I winterized the concept.

{collage details}

I like this outfit because of the overall librarian feel (carried through to the Bowery Lane bike with its leather, cork, and wood), but with a kick of awesomeness from the heeled suede boots.  (Manolos are supposed to be the most comfortable heels, right?  Anyone have $600 I can borrow?  No?  Jerks.)  Of course, the stylish leather gloves would have to serve merely as the lining under my ski mittens with warmers.

So what say you: are you a heels on wheels type of person?

p.s. I really want that Everlane tote, made in Texas of Illinois canvas, priced at only $35!  (Everlane is my new style love, borne of a very cool concept.)


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7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Heels on Wheels

  1. LGRAB says:

    Love the outfit and the heels! And Everlane is great. I have two of their shirts. Tempted by their new silk blouses but haven’t bit so far. :)

  2. LGRAB says:

    Love the outfit and the heels! And Everlane is great. I have two of their shirts. Tempted by their new silk blouses but haven’t bit so far. :)

  3. Annie Angello says:

    Holy cow, that pair of heels is a lot of the down payment for a Sweetpea bike! I’ll wear flats and buy another bike :).

  4. Iris Murasaki says:

    You don’t actually know ANY librarians, do you?

    • LGRAB says:

      Actually, I do have librarian friends. :) My post refers to a librarian * feel*, a common label for a type of style, not to what any particular librarian may wear.

  5. ridonrides says:

    love your actual look more than the outfit in the collage. cream bicycle, cream blouse. i’m a sucker for matching outfits. i love seeing cyclists matching their helmets with their bikes, too.

  6. Rose says:

    Love the heels and the bike! FANTASTIC look. Just rode in heels the other day myself.

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