Sunday Ride

Good morning!  To all Americans, I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving.  :-)  And now we have to go back to work.  :-(

Traffic was light in the city during the holiday, making it the perfect time to ride a bike – as long as you manage to avoid the drunk drivers.  But I have not been on my bike in 5 days because my mom was visiting from North Carolina.  She enjoyed taking the L train.

The previous Sunday was my most recent joy ride.  My friends Sara and Glenn and I biked down the Lakefront Trail to see a movie, then back up the Trail to meet Mr. Dottie at a cozy Scottish pub – a great way to warm up after a chilly ride.

Saw the first outdoor holiday lights.

Enjoyed warm coffee drinks.

Coco and Poppy spent some quality time together.

Did you enjoy a holiday joy ride?

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Ride

  1. I like the colour of your friend’s nail polish : )

    • Dottie says:

      Me, too! I enjoy looking at all the beautiful nail polish colors I see on friends and co-workers this fall/winter season. I am terrible at keeping nails maintained (lots of chipped polish going on) so I usually keep mine bare, but lately I’ve been drawn to these lush colors. Currently, I have on navy blue (Butter London, non-toxic) – one day in and so far, so good. :)

    • Thanks! Nail polish is Rimmel Steel Gray.

  2. Van says:

    I enjoyed a “stay out of the kitchen!” Thanksgiving morning ride.

  3. Dave says:

    No bike riding on Thanksgiving proper, but we made a big breakfast for ourselves (eggs benedict with tasso ham), then went out for a nice walk around the neighborhood and Washington Park which is near our place ( ). Then we came back and made dinner. It was a really nice, relaxing day on the whole, nothing frantic.

  4. Guy says:

    Thanks to LGRAB I was inspired to rebuild a 1978 Schwinn Le Tour III a friend gave me 20 years ago. The bike is in fantastic shape, has been hanging in my garage for 20 years, with six other bikes to be rebuilt. I installed upright handlebars, put on fenders. Our local bike shop has a vintage looking (1955 era) alumn rack to be installed. I rode the bike for the first time Thursday after the rebuild. All I need is a leather saddle, and grips. After LGRAB posts on the tweed ride I was really inspired, did some searching and discovered a tweed bike group in Tempe, AZ, my hometown. Thanks LGRAB, I am a happy cyclist with a new dimension to my daily riding.

  5. GUY says:

    Attached are a few photos of the Schwinn Le Tour III I have recently rebuilt. I am a retired Budget Analyst with the Department of Defense and have enjoyed bicycling all my life. My job allowed me to live in various parts of the US as well as six years in Europe so was able to bike in many environments. Currently I live in Sierra Vista, AZ, a hilly area near Mexico. I ride with friends about 80 miles a week, the spandex crowd, and we meet for lunch every Wednesday. Strange that as cyclists we would drive to our Wednesday lunches at various independant restaurants. So after discovering LGRAB I decided to bike to lunches with a bike that I can wear real clothes to, an urban communter. The Schwinn is a 1978 model a friend purchased. His wife also purchased a matching mixte in Tempe, AZ. I would sure like to have the mixte as well; however, both the wife and mixte have gone seperate ways.

    Sorry Chicago, took these photos this morning in 72 degree perfect cycling weather.

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