Fashion Friday: Wool Boucle Suit for Bicycling

The outfit above is chic – there is no doubt about it in my mind.  But at some point stuff gets ridiculously expensive.  This week, I saw a gorgeous Chanel boucle suit at a consignment store…in my size…for almost $2,000.  Holy mother of god.  That is a lot of money for one second-hand outfit.  The shop lady kindly informed me that they have layaway – ha!  Luckily, the timeless Chanel designs have filtered down to the level where ordinary people like you and me can enjoy clothes that look kinda sorta the same.

The day after I left the consignment store, a friend at work randomly gave me a Chanel-esque wool boucle suit that no longer fits her.  So I ended up with a similar outfit for free!  Sure, it’s no Chanel, but it is a quality suit made in Canada.

Once I got to work, I traded  my winter boots for heels, removed my gloves and scarf, and viola: ready for the office.  Except I realize now that my bow was askew.  :-)

A co-worker said to me, “You biked in that?!”  Really, wool boucle and tweed are excellent for bicycling because the fabric has some give, never wrinkles, and is super cozy for fall and winter.  I’m going on the record now to say that a wool boucle skirt suit – in addition to being timelessly chic – is the best outfit for cold-weather cycling.  Who’s with me?  :-)


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11 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Wool Boucle Suit for Bicycling

  1. LGRAB says:

    Ha. I would definitely say that $2K for a used suit fits the “ridiculously expensive” criteria. Cheers to your more practical version! Sounds like a I need a bouclé skirt.

  2. deborah says:

    Chilliest morning commute in Portland so far this season (38!) – and i could think of no better outfit to bike to work in than my lined wool suit pants and a cozy lambswool turtleneck sweater. Not quite as beautiful an outfit as your wool suit – but in a similar vein! Only problem? I was too warm on the uphills!

  3. Ken C. says:

    Ha! As a guy [and perhaps some gals] I don’t know bouclé from bowling, but your new-old suit is very attractive, and looks very comfortable.. We are also finally getting some cooler weather here in southern California, but the bit of accompanying rain has discouraged me from hitting the road for the past 2 days [not that I’m a fair-weather rider, but you wouldn’t believe what rain does to our normally predictable motorists]. For the moment, I’m sitting quite comfortably in a light sweater, and looking forward to tomorrow’s cool [and hopefully drier] roads.

  4. David P. says:

    Great outfit!

  5. K2 says:

    Your suit looks lovely and fits you perfectly. Since it is made in Canada, you can be assured it is top quality. I love the warm mitts and boots for riding. I have ‘thermal’ tights from Mark’s Work Warehouse that are a perfect solution on cold days and would work well with this look.

  6. Dottie, your suit looks great! What is that black trim? lace or decorative stitching?

  7. Wow so pretty, I love your look. $2,000 is way to much. How funny that your friend had a similar suit.

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