Heritage Bicycle’s The Chief – Legacy Edition

Eye candy alert!  Today Heritage Bicycles announced a new creation, the Chief Legacy Edition.

What a beauty!  The basic Chief is also available at a much lower price point.

This bicycle is made even more alluring by the story of how it’s made.

Here at Heritage Bicycles we take pride in creating locally handcrafted bicycle frames. Using local steel from the mills of Chicago, we use top grade american high-tensile steel, welded into smooth riding and looking bicycles built to take on the rigors of city life. We do all of our handiwork in-house. From design to welding, painting, and assembly, we employ hard working american craftsmen, right here in Chicago, IL.

Very cool to see this work going on in Chicago.

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3 thoughts on “Heritage Bicycle’s The Chief – Legacy Edition

  1. Adam Herstein says:

    I hope that bike doesn’t fall apart on you – I had some work done in their shop and they totally messed up my bike. Their mechanic caused two spokes to pop out of my rim, haphazardly applied rim tape to the new wheel he sold me, and couldn’t seat the tire properly. I had to take it to another bike shop to get it fixed.

  2. David P. says:

    It is nice to be able to get something like that that is not only MUSA but made in our own city. That said, I think I expect better tubing, and cable stops instead of clamp-on cable guides for $1800. There is probably enough of a local market for whom that is not an issue, though.

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