Bike Bumper Stickers

Over the years, I’ve considered getting a bumper sticker for my bike.  Something fun and positive like, “Thank you for seeing me!” or “Have a nice day!” or “Put the fun between your legs!”  (I am not that forward!!).   But this is the first bike bumper sticker I’ve ever sported:

The sticker is not made specifically for bicycles, of course, but my Velorbis has a convenient license plate-like area perfectly fit for such a sticker.  Instead of peeling off the backing, I stuck some electrical tape on the back side and so far it’s holding up well.

I’m ridiculously proud of/smug about this bumper (fender?) sticker.

Have any of you ever sported a bike bumper sticker?  If so, what did it say?  ;-)

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37 thoughts on “Bike Bumper Stickers

  1. Fred Smith says:

    Nice sticker! I think the plate at the back of the rack can be used for fitting lights or reflectors

  2. Lauren says:

    I have a sticker on my bike that says “I ♥ My Bike”; I got it from Tour de Fat. It’s on one of the tubes, though – I don’t have anywhere to put a sticker that would be visible to drivers (the back is taken up by a crate haha – so I’d have to fashion something to stick the sticker on, I guess). I would totally rock a “Share The Road!” sticker, though!

  3. There are lots of bike bumper stickers around here which read “one less car.”

  4. Trisha says:

    Looks good! I have that “avoid serious injury: stay away from my bike” sticker on the fender of my Bat, but the joke has gotten a little stale and I’m on the lookout for something more positive. :)

  5. Cupcake Ride says:

    Love it!! Keeping my fingers crossed north of the border that he gets relected!

  6. Hyedie says:

    Love it!! Keeping my fingers crossed north of the border that he gets relected!

  7. delia says:

    I totally need a bike sticker with my mantra on it.

  8. delia says:

    I totally need a bike sticker with my mantra on it.

  9. I’ve got a “Bike DC: Transportation without Toxification” sticker on my hybrid. Granted, it’s on the top bar and not at the back of the rack, but it’s still on the bike. :)

  10. Paul says:

    Dottie’ I’am truly disappointed in who you choose to support for president, this is the most serious election in the history of the united states,God forbid if Obama is reelected, apparently you are not aware of the mess hes made of our economy millions of people out of work, $16 trillion deficit when Bush left the deficit was $1trillion, He steps on our constitution and blatantly breaks laws to get his way,Has no respect for our military, He go’s around the world apologizing for our achievements, Wealth distribution, Putting People in different groups, Straight out of the Marxist manifesto,Barrack and Michele both have no love for our country,I realize you think I’am crazy let me assure you I;am not, I’am an independent I vote for the person who will do the best job, I’am American Patriot, If Obama is reelected we will lose our freedom and America will no longer be the America we know now, And we will all live to regret that it did’en have to happen, I respect you I’am just disappointed..

  11. steve_a_dfw says:

    Not being a political operative, my vote goes to my sticker that says “Please Don’t Hit Me, I’m Not Totally Sure of My Insurance Coverage.” It covers a fair bit of fender.

  12. Maggie says:

    Mine is not a bumper sticker, but a stick-pin button pinned to the back of my pannier. It was the 20th anniversary slogan of the company where I work. The slogan just seemed to be a perfect match. It reads, GO LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

  13. Steven Vance says:

    I like the way your attaché and Whole Foods brown bag are attached to the bike. Wait, this was a post about bumper stickers? Hmm, what should mine say?

  14. Jessie K says:

    My commuter Kona is completely stickered up. My favorite came from All Hail the Black Market, and says “I dream what Val Kilmer dreams.” It makes me feel epic whenever I see it. Love your new bumper sticker!

  15. The_Chattanoogan says:


  16. Christina says:

    I’m debating if I’m that forward to have a “put the fun between your legs!” sticker. Probably not, haha. I’ve always wanted one that says “I bike nice” with a smiley face or something along those lines. A lady at Consider Biking in Columbus has a DIY version she attached to the backpack she commutes with: – she says it really does make a difference when she’s out on the roads.

    • Julie says:

      Yesterday on my ride home while I was stopped at a red light, three
      cyclists dashed past me right through it, and I started fantasizing
      about a bumper sticker that said, “I stop on red because I’m not a
      jerkface.” But “I bike nice” is much classier!

  17. paul says:

    Do you know what the word Dhimmitude means? type into google and start reading,Pretty interesting.

    • dukiebiddle says:

      Dude, now you’re beginning to delve into the pretending Obama is a Muslim crazier than batsh*t conspiracy theory birther crap. You’re not going to find a sympathetic ear among the normals with that nonsense. Even Romney thinks that stuff is Looney Tunes. I have plenty of respect for reasonable conservatism, but please keep the rhetoric somewhere on this side of Mars.

      • Paul says:

        No pretending here,Obama has on page 107 of the healthcare bill the word Dhimmitude, Obamacare allows the establishment of Dhimmitude and sharia muslim diktat in the U.S.A. muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured, Islam considers insurance to be “Gambling” “Risk taking” and “usury” and is thus banned. Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this, How convenient, So, I, as a Christian, will have crippling I.R.S liens placed on all of my assets, and face prison because I refuse to buy insurance or pay the penalty tax, Non-Muslims will be paying a tax to subsidize muslims, This is Dhimmitude. Oh and dude Obama has publicly admitted that he is MUSLIM…

      • dukiebiddle says:

        …aaaaaand with your last sentence you can’t help yourself from exposing your cray cray. It isn’t my intention to defend Obama here, or really even to discuss politics, but I just have no stomach for the wingbat Looney Tunes nonsense.

  18. Guy says:

    I like it. A southern AZ Guy.

  19. Jeff says:

    Hi Dottie,

    I generally don’t want anything on my bike that will draw attention to it from people who might not agree with my POV. An Obama sticker is probably safe enough in most parts of Chicago, but your bike might be subject to vandalism if you sported that in some other places. And right-wing drivers might even be less interested in your safety and comfort than they normally are.
    More generally, I have to say that your photo screams “Yuppie!”…European bike, Brooks saddle, wicker basket and (to top it off) Whole Foods grocery bag. That look might be enough to garner resentment in some quarters, even without the Obama sticker. Whole Foods (AKA Whole Paycheck)! You are probably one of them “Librals” who went to college and reads thick books… ;-)

    • This is a great point. I live in a super-super-liberal part of
      Washington and work at the library there. My boss has a “I <3 Planned
      Parenthood" bumper sticker on her car, and someone crossed out the
      "Planned Parenthood" and sharpie-d in "killing babies." But, being afraid of retaliation is NEVER a good reason to not stand up for your beliefs :-)

      And that being said, I have a "Burn carbohydrates, not hydrocarbons" sticker from Microcosm on mine.

  20. GUY says:

    A few years ago saw a gal with a sign on her bike rack that read: “You own a car, not the road” I like it, even though it does seem a little bit of a protest. My wife and I saw a sticker at the store the other day that read: “November 2012 Women will remember” Really amazing, because we live in a small Southern AZ military town overrun by teabaggers, to see such a breakthru in political enlightenment.

  21. guy says:

    Every five years or so a gruelling 1200 km bike race is held in France called Paris to Brest to Paris. In the eighties at the beginning of the race I saw a team of Americans that had made bike signs that read: “Brest or Bust” Seriously a true story.

  22. Love it Dottie! I also love your “Whole Foods pannier”. I never would have thought of simply using the paper bag! I came seriously close to purchasing a bumper sticker that said “The Revolution will not be motorized”

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