Fashion Friday: Almost time for tights!

So it’s starting to feel like fall, and that means one thing to us on LGRAB: tights! With dresses or skirts, they’re the perfect riding combo. As soon as it gets a little bit cooler, I plan to rock my bright blue Riyoko lace leggings with a plain black dress like this one. But since we’re in the realm of fantasy today, I’m going to imagine wearing this outfit while riding a Republic Plato Bike. We keep getting asked if they’re any good and it would be nice to have a vague idea!

Black and blue (with bicycle too)

Black and blue (with bicycle too)


What are you most excited about when it comes to fall?

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4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Almost time for tights!

  1. Love the blue lace tights.

    I get asked about the Republic bikes pretty often as well. Some time ago I looked into arranging for a test ride but the manufacturer was not interested. They do look decent for the price.

  2. Dottie says:

    Ladylike with a fun edge. I like it! :)

    That Republic bike looks an awful lot like my Velorbis…

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