Early Fall Fresh Air

I have been feeling road fatigue lately and the best antidote is always the fresh air of Lake Michigan and the open space of the Lakefront trail, which is once again a calm and pleasant place to ride a bike, now that the summer crowds have dispersed.

Can’t you almost feel the sunshine and crisp, early fall air?

The absolute best music for a fun and stress-free bike ride like this is Janelle Monae’s Archandroid.

Here I am, being unprepared for my camera’s self-timer once again.  :-)  I wore a skirt and cardigan over my t-shirt for work, then traded those out for shorts and kicked off my heels for the ride home.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful Monday!

Now try to listen to this song without dancing. Impossible!

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10 thoughts on “Early Fall Fresh Air

  1. Whoo-freakin’-hoo for autumn! It’s the perfect antidote to those summertime blues (and cabin fever brought on by too much heat and humidity).

    And yeah, that song needs to go onto my Grrl Power mix ASAP.

  2. Thanks! I’ve been trying to remember Janelle Monáe’s name and was getting ready to google, ‘Girl singer who wears a tux and dances awesome and is like the lady Little Richard’. Now I don’t have to.

  3. Annie Angello says:

    The temps have dropped in ATX down to something like 70 degrees in the evening. I went and put on a sweater.

  4. one love the blog and the song just a quick question i looked up an oma bike but its only for females is there a male counterpart you would recommend? Thanks!

  5. Tubby_mao says:

    Meanwhile in the other hemisphere we are seeing the first hints of spring-it’s lovely to ride next to the wattle. Love your blog :-)

  6. […] it’s starting to feel like fall, and that means one thing to us on LGRAB: tights! With dresses or skirts, they’re the perfect […]

  7. […] crisp fall weather has officially arrived in Chicago (see here) and this week I wore gloves and a light scarf for the first time (see here).  Fall is my favorite […]

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