Fashion Friday: Sweet & Sassy Summer outfit

My obsession with all things denim continues with this week’s chambray shirt/neon skirt combo. I love the idea of casual denim juxtaposed with bright neon and some ladylike but edgy accessories, like the pumps and cameo necklace.

Of course, pencil skirts are not the best choice for biking, but that’s where the sassiness comes in: Hike it up! Although you might not have to hike things up too far if you’re riding a Retrovelo Paula. And I had to give a shout-out to my Armitage Satchel, the one item in this set that I actually have in real life. I get compliments on it both on and off the bike.

Sweet & sassy summer outfit
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3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Sweet & Sassy Summer outfit

  1. Dottie says:

    This is a great outfit that I would not have thought to put together. You could always convert the pencil skirt, for days when you’re not feeling so sassy. :)

    I have a PoCampo bag in the same fabric and I love how it goes with everything, as demonstrated here with the jean and neon.

  2. Liuking Neo says:

    thanks for sharing

  3. Thomas Puleo says:

    That is pretty sassy.

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