Bike Style in Vogue

News flash: bicycles are in.  Last week, Vogue wrote about the fashionableness of bicycles:

As we ease into the last few weeks of summer, bike style is the new street style. So why not count your chic cruiser as a seasonal staple? Just as you might acquire pieces to complement a favorite new bag, it’s possible to build your ensemble around your bike.

A slideshow of bicycles matched with fall fashion accompanies the article. (Hat tip to CycleStyle Australia for the link.)

Looking at the slideshow is fun, kinda like our Fashion Fridays, but with all couture designer clothing.  We have been known here at LGRAB to match our outfits to our bikes!

I think such attention is positive for the image of bicycling and it gives me a little thrill, but I also agree with Trisha that bicycling is more than a fashion statement and that making the bicycle a fashionable accessory – without accompanying advocacy – will not substantially increase the amount of bikes on the road.  Paris and New York’s bikeshares and increase in infrastructure must be pushing this trend.  I’d love to know what others think.  Do you get excited about or roll your eyes at such articles?

(I must say, in regards to the imagery above, that society tends to gloss over painfully thin models as normal for fashion, but excepting the very few woman who look so naturally, this extreme thinness is not good or healthy.)

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7 thoughts on “Bike Style in Vogue

  1. The most recent Lane Bryant flyer has a bicycle prop on the cover and a DSW commercial from this past spring depicted models pedaling brightly colored bicycles in while wearing sprained-ankle-inducing platform sandals. I am both giddy and cynical when I see bicycles used in
    fashion spreads and catalogs. Giddy because yay, bikes! Cynical because
    it feels like bicycles will become yet another passing fad.

    • Fjnkindelan says:

      I think that, as said, bicycles becoming a passing fad is the one thing I fear the most in this outburst of it’s trendiness. But on the whole, while chic-ness and biking’s “cool” factor might put more people on the saddle, the big question is what is going to keep people traveling permanently by bike as a bigger lifestyle change.

  2. Lauren says:

    It drives me crazy to see people using their bicycles as a photo prop – take the bike out & actually RIDE it! That’s what it’s there for!!

    But, I can’t lie – I also just like looking at pretty bicycles. So there’s that ;)

  3. Aimee Miles says:

    I think you have the 2 best outfits right here, my favorite is that dress with the yellow flowers. Most of the others I think are just weird. 

  4. pam says:

    I bet the bikes cost less than the clothes. And most people would willingly pay that much for clothes that they wear for one or two seasons but would complain about paying the same amount for a bike that can take you anywhere and put a smile on your face.

    • LGRAB says:

      So true! Whenever someone at work says something about bikes being expensive – talking about $400 bikes, usually – I say, compared to what? That’s like two car payments.

  5. Cinegirl says:

    I’m sure this will mark me as a totally unaware dork, but until I stumbled over my Trek Cocoa back in February, I didn’t realize there were options out there that were not “road bike,” “mountain bike,” or some combination of the two. So to me it’s great that fashion magazines are making women aware that they don’t have to ride a Lance Armstrong-type bike.

    (And one of the many reasons I love my Cocoa is that it’s black, and black goes with everything. ;-)

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