Fashion Friday: Biking to Yoga

Who else is obsessed with the Olympics?  Watching the US women’s gymnastics team (go Gabby!) was the push I needed to get my butt back to yoga, after years of saying, “I need to get back to yoga.”

I’m finishing week two of near-daily 6 a.m. classes and I love it.  I am not a morning person, but I discovered that if I get up as soon as the alarm goes off, throw on my yoga clothes, and head straight out the door – no snooze button, coffee, twitter, or other procrastination – the morning is not so bad.

This routine requires extra preparation, especially combined with biking to work.  I bike to the studio on the way to work wearing my yoga outfit (Lululemon’s yoga clothes are so expensive, but soooo perfect!).  After class, I shower at the studio and change into regular shorts and a t-shirt, since my yoga clothes are too sweaty to put back on and I get too sweaty on my bike right now to wear work clothes.  Finally, I bike the rest of the way to work and change into my work clothes.  I swear, this is not as complicated as it sounds.  Totally worth the extra effort for the wonderful feeling I get from yoga class.

Do you have a yoga or other exercise routine that you combine with your bike commute?  I’m interested to hear how others handle the logistics.

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15 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Biking to Yoga

  1. Jax+Puzzle says:

    Hey Dottie, I’m happy to hear you are back to yoga! Hope you continue to enjoy it.

    I’ve been attending yoga (usually power, occasionally hatha or vinyasa) about 3 days a week since January and really enjoy cycling to/from. I am not a morning person either, and usually plan go to evening classes, but the mornings I’ve done yoga it’s been fun and makes me feel limber and refreshed the entire day. In the morning, I typically cycle to yoga in my yoga gear, then change for work when I get to my lab. Or in the evening, I change at lab and cycle to yoga. Sometimes I’m lazy and drive, but I’m trying to change that. I have a teal Jade yoga mat and a red Lululemon mat strap that match my Betty Foy :-)

    I have a love/hate relationship with lulu. A lot of my things are not up to par and the stitching comes undone, the fabric bleeds dye everywhere including on me (I kid you not, once I had blue dye on my skin from a pink tank!), on itself, on other items I’m wearing, etc. It is however, the only brand that fits me well. I have a long torso and the long tanks really work for me. I don’t have to worry about exposing skin between my tank and crops, and they don’t usually flip up during inversions. I also love the Swiftly stuff for cycling and running, it’s light and dries super fast. So I continue to purchase from them.

    I am also following a lifting program (New Rules of Lifting for Women) and attend some group fitness classes (like Interval Training and Total Body) but don’t cycle to/from those because it’s just too much, I’m too hot and too tired, and I don’t want to have to deal with sunscreen and long sleeves. When it cools off I hope to spend even more time on my bike!

    • Dottie says:

      How cool that you have a teal mat and red strap to match your Betty Foy! Hearing stuff like this makes me sad that I cannot be friends with all LGRAB readers in real life.  :)

      That’s a bummer about colors leaking!  I have read about that issue in some of the customer reviews on their site.  I have not had that problem, but most of my lulu stuff is either black or pastel.  The fact that the clothes fit me so well, do not budge, and provide appropriate coverage is what keeps me coming back – to the clearance rack!

      I went to a yoga class this morning that incorporated hand weights and boy are my arms tired.  Props to you for following a lifting program – that is hardcore.  :)

      • Jax+Puzzle says:

        That’s really sweet, Dottie, and I’ll have to take a picture for you to see! Matching was initially unintentional, I purchased the teal mat at the encouragement of my fiance, (I wanted a pink one), and when I was selecting the mat strap, red was the obvious choice :-)

        I encourage anyone to give strength training a shot – I am only at the end of stage 2 (there are 7 stages to the approx 6 month program) and I’m getting a lot stronger. I never thought I’d be interested in lifting, and going into the weight room filled with buff guys is intimidating, but it’s improving my fitness. I think most girls are encouraged to stick to cardio and/or use light weights with a lot of reps, but legitimate strength training is incredibly beneficial. I’m really excited to see where NROL takes me, and after this I’m sure I will be seeking another lifting program to follow :-)

    • Lafs4 says:

      Try Athleta

      • LGRAB says:

        An Athleta store just opened up near me, a couple of blocks from Lululemon. I’ll have to check it out soon.

      • Jax+Puzzle says:

        Athleta’s return policy is awesome (you can wear your item and bring it back if unhappy!), but I don’t like the styles as much – they are just too mature for me. And the tanks aren’t long enough.

        My mom, however, loves Athleta and is dismayed that I still shop at Lulu after all the issues I’ve had with my clothing. I definitely encourage people who haven’t given Athleta a shot to try it. I think I’m also going to try Kira Grace.

    • Lafs4 says:

      Try Athleta

  2. Laura says:

    Hello! Speaking of fashion, how do you wear helmets in summer? Today I bought a black equestrian helmet. It was tolerable, because it’s winter where I live. I wonder what will happen with my helmet in summer. What kind of helmet do you wear in summer? Regards.

    • Dottie says:

      I usually wear my Nutcase helmet in the summer.  It has several holes in top to allow air in, although it is hotter than a typical sporty helmet.  I have been considering buying a sporty helmet with lots of air vents for this reason, but have not gotten around to it.  A few times, when it’s really hot, like 90 – 100 degrees F, I take calm side streets, ride slowly and cautiously, and do not wear a helmet – not that I’m recommending anyone do the same.

      • Laura says:

        Thank you, Dottie! Guess I’ll just get a helmet for summer and the one I have I’ll wear it in winter. Regards.

  3. April says:

    Dottie, glad to hear you are doing yoga.  Namaste!   It is the BEST. I can’t imagine doing your routine though. I am the antithesis of a morning person! I host the Free Community Yoga for Cyclists each Wednesday evening. Changing for yoga is easy, I just change at my office after work and then bike to Montrose Pier where classes are held wearing my yoga clothes.  The fun part is carrying two yoga mats, yoga clothes, plus my laptop and other daily gear.   My bike ends up pretty loaded down.  If anyone is interested in attending yoga, you can join Free Yoga on Wednesdays group on the

    • Dottie says:

      Thanks, April! I’d love to come to this sometime. I already have plans for this Wednesday, though. How long do these classes go on for – just the summer?

    • Dottie says:

      Thanks, April! I’d love to come to this sometime. I already have plans for this Wednesday, though. How long do these classes go on for – just the summer?

  4. […] the case with yoga and bicycling.  Trisha and I discussed this lovely combination in 2009, and I mentioned recently that I’ve begun practicing yoga every weekday […]

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