I prefer to keep my work shoes under my desk, especially during the summer when my feet sweat.  Last summer I spent a lot of time biking in Keen Commuter sandals or regular slip-on sneakers.  This summer, I wanted casual shoes that could also look stylish.  I chose Bensimon Tennis Laclets (aka the French Converse) and I like them a lot.

These sneakers are easy to slip on and off – I never have to mess with the laces.  They are also breathable and very lightweight.  The only downside is the thin soles.  I would not wear them for a lot of walking before adding a gel insole, but happily that is not an issue when bicycling.

 I’ve been wearing them a lot and I like how they dress down and lighten up my regular outfits.

What kind of shoes do you like for summer bicycling?  Anyone else wear Bensimons?  :-)

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15 thoughts on “Kicks

  1. betty scandretti says:

    They’re cute! I’ve been riding in Melissa Ultragirl flats. An ankle strap would feel more secure, but I haven’t had any problems.

  2. Philippe says:

    If you want french Converse, with a better insole, you can give Spring Court a try. They’ve been around for decades. 
    I love my Superga (same style with a leather lining)… and my flip-flop when it gets really hot.

  3. steve_a_dfw says:

    Sidi SPD shoes. I keep my cowboy boots at work.

  4. I wear black Converse on the bike, at work, and pretty much all the time.

  5. Sarah W. says:

    This summer I bought some Vans for short walks with the dog and bike riding. I like them a lot. They’re gray with royal blue laces . . . just like my husband’s Nikes. D’oh!

  6. Christina Drogalis says:

    I do wear Bensimons, but I put a hole in the sole of one of them within 6 weeks of owning them. I was super disappointed. I do a ton of walking, so I probably should have seen that coming. But I agree – they are great for biking!

  7. Guest says:

    I pretty much live in my Tevas, a big clunky pair and a more dressy pair with a little wedge.  My toes crave freedom!

  8. Andypielet says:

    Dress shoes are under my desk, and I ride w/ Patagucci Boaris.   I just have to remember to bring those dress shoes home when I need them for the weekend!!

  9. Julia Ringma says:

    Sketchers make some comfy shoes. I also had a pair of New Balance walking shoes that were more supportive than the Sketchers but the mesh came apart too quickly for what I paid for them. It is a constant search to find a nice, dressy, supportive flat shoe that looks good with a skirt.

  10. chika patel says:

    I need to put more thought into what I wear on my feet while I bike. In the summer I mostly wear my old navy flip flops. When it rains, I put on my keens but other than that it’s mostly flipflops.
    I love your French Converse. The sturdy rubber toes are good for biking I think. They are going on my wish list.

  11. Coraniaid says:

    for rainy / super hot days I prefer this pair of platform peep-toe wedges I found at Target.  Other than that I wear my Docs b/c they have good shin & arch support for any walking I may have to do.

  12. Anhalt says:

    Black chucks, but the “slim” slip-on version. I’ve worn them for my 12-mile commute for the past year and they’ve held up really well. Super comfortable and lightweight for riding. And somehow I could wear them over lined tights & wool socks this past winter (obviously they aren’t ideal for cold weather but my winter boots were too bulky). 

    Sadly, I can’t find them online anymore!

  13. I love TOMS because 1) they’re vegan 2) they feel like slippers 3) they help kids in need and 4) you can throw them in the washing machine and the dryer and they come out GREAT. So if you sweat in them, no problemo!

  14. Sara Petyk says:

    I wear 3″ platforms with brown straps that I love this summer. Unfortunately, my shoes generally only last a season of biking, they get pretty beat up. I always get the question, “how do you bike in those?” I just say, “you put your foot on the pedal and push.” :)

  15. Sarah says:

    Oddly, my fancy Cole Haan yellow flats have turned out to be my favorite biking shoes.  Yes, they’re leather and it’s hot here in Louisiana, but they are crazy comfortable, stay on my feet (a problem I have with flats), and have held up beautifully considering I’ve worn them nearly every day on my bike commute for about year.  I’m so use to wearing cheapo shoes that are uncomfortable in some way or wear out pretty soon.  I think I’ve finally learned that whole quality over quantity lesson.  :D

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