Colorful Bungie Straps for Betty

Betty Foy has brand new, beautiful, red bungie straps!  For years, Betty has had navy blue striped ones that did not match her aesthetic well.  I’ve always wanted pretty straps for her, but found only boring colors in the past.  The old straps were slowly becoming more slack, so when I saw these new bungie straps in a rainbow selection of colors, I knew it was time for a change.

This red color matches her heart lugs – a subtle detail that is important to me!

These straps snapped on in a matter of seconds, since I already had a base for them on my rear wheel.

For now, I’m using the bungie strap to hold only my lock, but these bad boys are stretchy and strong enough to hold big boxes on the rear rack.  I’ve used simple straps to carry cases of 24 bottles of beer!

Sorry, I do not know the brand (no markings on the product), all I know is they are from Holland and locals can pick them up at J.C. Lind Bikes, where I got mine.  I’ll update this with the brand name when I figure it out.

With a front basket, plus a rear rack with bungie cords and panniers, a regular bike can hold a lot of cargo.

Who else loves bungie straps as much as me?


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37 thoughts on “Colorful Bungie Straps for Betty

  1. Will says:

    Thanks for sharing; those are awesome! I’d love a set for my Batavus. I’m looking forward to hearing more info on these. 

  2. Inspiredcyclist says:

    Besides adding beauty, It’s easy ro see how functional they will be!

  3. sam553817 says:

    Can’t find these sort of straps anywhere near me, anywhere online that someone can point too? Any colour will do!

  4. fourpences says:

    I love my bungie straps- nothing so funny as the looks I get cycling home from the supermarket with bulging panniers and a pack of tinned tomatoes or a bulk pack of toilet roll strapped to the rear rack. I’m still on the lookout for some that match my black Pashley a little bit better though.

  5. Jen L says:

    I wish bicycle shops here (Australia) sold something so useful! I had to buy my occy strap from the hardware shop so it’s not designed to attach so neatly. I managed to find a blue one, at least.

  6. Krissa says:

    I love these! I bought some truly pointless bungee straps a few weeks ago, they don’t hold nothing to nobody, so I definitely need something like these – please do share if you find out the brand!

  7. I’m a huge fan of the bungee and have used them to strap down bags of catfood, boxes of soda, and a pannier that was too heavy to safely hang off the rack. I’ve also got a small bungee in my basket to keep my purse in place through bumpy conditions.

  8. very very cute! I’m so glad you live in Chicago, all your recommendations are local for me!

  9. Trisha says:

    They look great! I love the bungees you got me for Le Peug that ended up working on Kermit Allegra. But a bright color would be fun for her. We’re totally going to have to do some shopping in Amsterdam. :) 

  10. G.E. says:

    I was just looking at a <a href=""seemingly strong bungee on the Public Bikes website. I wasn’t thrilled with the bright orange color and wish they came in other options, but if it would last and go around larger items, I figured it might be worth a try. Typically, I use shorter ones and have to link them together, which isn’t always the wisest/safest way to travel with items on a bike (or maybe it’s just the way I do it). :O)

  11. Annie Angello says:

    Things I have held down with a bungee have included sacks of charcoal, lopsided packages from the grocery store, and on one notable occasion, a half a gallon of ice cream I was trying to speed back to a friend’s house.

  12. Beth says:

    I just recently got a cargo net and love it. Couldn’t decide on bungee cords (what size? flat or round? what colors? how many would I need? OH THE INDECISION!) so I figured the net was a nice interim solution. After using it to bring home a six pack of cold beer and some ice cream, along with my purse – and still having room to spare with nothing jostling about – I decided it’s a good permanent solution. I love when such a simple thing makes life so much easier.

    • LGRAB says:

      I love the cargo net I use for Betty’s front Wald basket. I can pile stuff way up high in there and it won’t budge.

  13. Ash L says:

    For non-Chicagoans, Public Bikes sells a few colors on their site. I have ones in yellow and black and they come in handy over traditional bungees for sure. 

  14. Carolyn says:

    I love them, they are so colourful!  They do come in handy, I have an assortment of them to use.

  15. fiona pynn says:

     Oh I wonder if JC LInd would take a phone order and ship to Canada:) Those bungees are drool worthy to me:)

  16. […] , if someone could just carry those kicky colourful bungees for the rear rack, I’d be set. Did you like this? Share […]

  17. Lauren M. says:

    “…heart lugs – a subtle detail that is important to me!”

    I LOVE your heart lugs!  It’s such a cute and beautiful detail :)

  18. so when does homer and the boyz get a beer tour of wisconsin its ben overdo 30 drunkin days a place were hes not fat its a beer belly and proud of it.

  19. […] market for a bungee to strap my U-lock to the rear frame, and I love the one that Dottie from LGRAB featured this […]

  20. Dennis Hindman says:

    You have bungee cords that are permanently attached to the bike or snelbinders as they are called in Holland. I got that information off of David Hembrow’s (A view from the cycle path blog) Dutch Bike Bits website:

    Two of the Dutch brands are Bibia and Widek. Here’s a link to a Dutch website that shows several different models:

    I don’t recommend that anyone use the typical bungee cord that has hooks on the ends. Those could come loose and get caught in your gears or wheel.

  21. Dennis Hindman says:

    Another tip I have is to try and get a thicker tire or use a thorn resistant inner tube to cut down on the odds of getting a flat. This will give a greater sense of security riding at night as this can reduce the odds of getting a flat by at least 90% from my experience riding in Los Angeles. I actually measured the typical sizes of glass, metal and thorns that I would pick-up in my tires while riding along.

    Here’s a link to the bicycle tire brand Schwalbe which explains on their website, under the question ‘Which is the best puncture protection belt?, that if something gets stuck in your tire, it will eventually work its way through from the its rotations against the road surface. A picture shows how a thumbtack is not long enough to penetrate the tube on their tires that have Smartguard.

    There are other bicycle tire brands on the market that are also similarly thick compared to these Schwalbe Smartguard tires. An easy way to judge how thick they are is to look at the weight for the same tire sizes. You want the heavier tires to get thickness and not the lighter tires that people typically get.

    The downsides to using heavy, thick tires on a bicycle is the ride will be slower, harsher and the tires are much harder to get on and off. To help save your fingers and nails trying to get the tire on and off I recommend a long, strong tire lever to get more leverage such as this Park tool:

    A couple other tips is to use a little soapy water on the rim and tire to make it easier to get the tire on and off the rim. Also, if you are using a heavy thick tire, try using a zip-tie or small belt around the tire where you have managed to put part of the tire on the rim. As you work your way around the rim getting the rest of the tire on, the tire won’t start coming off as you get closer to where you have tied the tire down.

    I may have given you far more information than you wanted to know, but after talking to a woman recently on the subway who rides to and from her job downtown, I found out she does not like riding at night due to her sense of greater vulnerability if she got stuck with a flat (shes been riding two years and only had one flat so far).

  22. Mackenzie says:

    AGH! your bike is TOO CUTE. and that helmet is awesome! i love anything heart-related. too cute, i might have to track down one for myself. 

  23. Sharon Emery says:

    1. Thanks much for the link to JC Lind. I’ll be visiting Chicago in September and plan to do quite a bit of bicycle shopping. This looks like the perfect bike shop for me!
    2. The heart helmet? With the single lug heart?! *Way* frelling adorable! It’s just perfect!

  24. elisa m says:

    I am having the hardest time finding this type of bungee cord in our LBS’s (actually, I first discovered them while visiting Dottie in CHI and riding Betty!). I may end up having to order online, which I hate to do. They are just so darn handy! 

  25. I looked on public Bikes and jc Lind and couldn’t find the permanent kind, only the ones with hooks, any links directly to where you can buy online?

  26. Eliz says:

    A little late, but I just got some of these for my bike and thought I’d share the info–I got the same red as you so it’s definitely the right brand:

  27. Krissa Corbett Cavouras says:

    Ha, I’m glad Eliz came back here to report that yes, Rolling Orange in Brooklyn carries them, and the brand is Widek. I bought them in purple!

  28. Ktea says:

    Great bungees but I’m curious as to what type of rear rack you use? Does it have a “mousetrap” spring?

    • LGRAB says:

      My rear rack is a Pletscher from and it does have a mousetrap. I bought it at the time because of the cheap price, less than $20. It works fine for my purposes, mostly carrying a u-lock and a Po Campo bag, but it’s not a particularly nice rack and would not work with heavy loads.

  29. […]  For more info on my bicycle, see my Rivendell Betty Foy video.  Also, my bungie straps and Po Campo […]

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