Back on the Bat

After more than a year of languishing in my stairwell, giving me sad looks, the Batavus Entrada Spirit is back on the road. I pumped up the tires, dusted off the cobwebs and leaves and rode the bike on tiptoe to work late last week (the seat was still adjusted to D from when she visited for my birthday in 2011!).

All fixed up and ready to ride


On my way home, I stopped to let a mechanic at my LBS help me with the seat adjustment. This seatpost has always been a bear. Screws get stripped so easily for some reason, and they have to be threaded further up than a lot of screws are, and even then they don’t always tighten enough to make the seat completely immobile. She patiently went through two or three of them to find the right one. Thank goodness for bike mechanics. And double thank goodness for a bike mechanic who finally promised to order me a quick-release lever for this bike!

So this week, the Bat and I have been fighting the humidity together. As well as bad hair. And magically disappearing makeup. For those of you who think that this dress is too skimpy for the office (aka my grandmother, who likes to say that I ride my bike wearing “nightgowns”—love you Grams), rest assured that a scarf and suit jacket are stowed away in my new Po Campo bag. Along with two books, a camera, a pound of coffee beans, and the normal stuff one might carry in a purse.

While the Bat was gathering dust, I had somehow convinced myself that the reason I was neglecting it was that my other bikes were better suited to Nashville’s hills. Riding it again, that’s just not true. So…I guess I’m just going to continue to own four bikes.

As well as one new set of eyeglasses.

Anyone else dusted off an old friend lately?

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21 thoughts on “Back on the Bat

  1. Sarah W. says:

    You look cute!

  2. Melissa says:

    Gorgeous glasses! Where did they come from?

  3. my hyggelig says:

    my Pash has been sitting quietly in my studio for the last year or is it two?  i don’t have the heart to part with her, but we just aren’t at the same place in life right now.  i totally get it.

  4. Ridonrides says:

    my vintage seatpost is too tight for me to adjust by myself.  i am not embarrassed to take it to the LBS and get it adjusted (but one shop did charge me).  i love your sandals, mind sharing where you bought them? 

    • LGRAB says:

      Glad someone else isn’t embarrassed to get a hand with minor bike adjustments. Hey, it’s how I get to know my LBS peeps.

      My sandals were purchased at a Bargain Hunt outlet — but they’re Naturalizer. I have gotten a lot of use out of them this summer!

  5. maureen says:

      First, your hair looks amazing. I’ve been considering getting a pixie cut – or not leaving my home on humid days.  Probably both bad ideas – but humidity = really bad hair days for me!
          I think we often don’t have our seats adjusted properly, which puts extra stress on our arms and wrists…Good for you for getting it done right!
          Is that a folding bike in the background?  If so, would you consider writing about what you selected and why, as I’ve long been infatuated by Bromptons and know one day I will act upon this lust.
         Great wall color!

    • LGRAB says:

      Hi Maureen! That’s a Jango Flik. I didn’t select it, it found me. :) I, too, am lusting after a Brompton. Thinking about trying to rent one in London.

  6. Lauren says:

    Haaaa I pretty much stopped styling my hair/wearing make up since the heat appeared. I miss having cute hair, though! It’s been in a perma-bun since like Saturday haha.

  7. Mackenzie says:

    i absolutely adore your glasses! and bike, naturally )

  8. Amy Gawthrop says:

    Nothing wrong with owning 4! Always remember the  rules, #12 in this case. ;) 
    I’ve giving up on my hair for the summer. I’m now learning to embrace the wavy mess and letting it grown long again. 

    LOVE those new glasses btw! Very cute. :)

  9. TrekRiderMark says:

    Can sum up the number of bikes with “N+1”.  The perfect number of bikes is 1 more than you currently own. ;)

    That seat looks rather comfortable….I think I need to invest in one!

    Oh, and may I say those classes suit you to a T!!!!

  10. Stephen Hodges says:

    As a 53-year old male who has worn (suffered, really) glasses since 2nd grad, I’m so glad they’re in fashion. And I think women who wear glasses are particularly attractive.

    Sorry for being such an old-school cad..

    • LGRAB says:

      I’ve been wearing them since first grade. And yes, it’s nice to get a break from contacts without feeling so conspicuous. Although as someone who is catastrophically nearsighted, it annoys me when people wear “fashion” glasses they don’t need…why don’t they roll around in a wheelchair while they’re at it? ha.

      • TrekRiderMark says:

         I wear glasses.  Luckily for me my vision is good enough that I can ride without them.  However, I absolutely have this thing about putting a lens over my eye.  Have I ever done it? No.  But to be honest, I just can’t see myself doing it.  Something about having to place a lens over my eye just, uuuuugghghhh *shivers*…I can’t even imagine it.  Maybe one day I’ll try them out, but so far glasses work fine for me!  Am I a wuss? hahaha

      • Stephen Hodges says:

        I guess I’m old enough to remember the taunts of “four eyes,” etc., so it’s very cool that they are fashionable, even if some wear them strictly for that reason (really?). I wore contacts when I was younger, and when glasses became cool again, I went back to frames. (Contacts can be a PITA.) And all the new options (admittedly expensive) such as high-index plastic, anti-reflective coatings, etc. make them lighter and easier to wear and be seen in then they used to be. (Yours reminds me of the glasses I wore as a kid. They look a helluva lot better on you than they ever did on me!) Nevertheless, I recently had a speaking role in a local community play that was set in 1907, and I had to ditch my fashionable metro frames and go bare. It worked, but I felt a bit naked, and it was impossible to see the other actors’ faces.

  11. Frits says:

    Re your glasses: you’re too young now but when (not if) the day comes that you develop cataracts you might consider having prescription lenses implanted. I have, and my glasses are considerably lighter now. Cheaper too. 

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