Fashion Friday: Rainy Day Biking

It’s been raining for a week here. After more than a month with no rain, and weeks of scorching heat, that’s no bad thing. But it does make for a change in my riding apparel. Here’s what I wish I had to wear this rainy morning: a neutral dress with bright accents, overshoes that work with heels and a rain cape. Whee, rain capes! There are a lot of options out there; the Iva Jean I chose is on the pricey side but Amazon has options from $11. And of course, you need a bright and cheery upright bike to wear it on. I chose Sara’s.


Rainy day cycling

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13 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Rainy Day Biking

  1. Nathan Townshend says:

    I used to love this blog, but this is just an advert, and I’m afraid I hate adverts.

    • Dottie says:

      This is not an advertisement: we are compensated in no way by any of these companies and have no affiliate links.  This is simply some fashion fun at the end of a long week. 

      Also, do you ever read newspapers or magazines?  They are filled with advertising, which is necessary to pay writers, photographers, editors, and distributors.  Trisha and I perform all those functions for LGRAB and bring you this content at no cost to you.  So by all means cease loving this blog for mentioning products, but I find that view to be a bit offensive. 

      • Kim says:

         Dottie, as another reader I think your reaction was a little too defensive without addressing a core issue I think the reader intends. A lot of these fashion entries/product reviews show products that are way out of the realistic price range for many your readers. (I almost said something when you posted the $300 raincoats made in England, but couldn’t figure out the right words…) Also, many of them are just photo collages of things to buy — there are also some fashion blogs I really enjoy out there, but they tend to be street-style — I love seeing what people are wearing and making work in their daily lives, and that’s why I tend to read and enjoy personal blogs over big-brand magazines in the first place.

        I hope you take this to heart, because I enjoy yours and Trisha’s personalities and I read LGRAB because I like the idea of a fun, style-oriented biking blog. Perhaps slightly less frequent, but more in-depth posts would be a good option. Thanks.

        • Dottie says:

          Thanks, Kim.  I appreciate your thoughtful response.  I saw the core issue of the original commenter as advertising, not pricing, which is why I responded as I did.  “I used to love this blog, but this is just an advert, and I’m afraid I hate adverts.”  

          We started this particular series because readers overwhelmingly asked for more fashion content in response to our reader survey and we have gotten a lot of positive feedback since starting the series. 

          I understand your concern about pricing.  I guess we should be more clear that we create these collages as creative fantasy outfits, sort of how I look through magaziness and style blogs for inspiration for my next thrifting expedition.  When looking for inspiration, I favor original and independent designs over mass-produced options, which is why the items tend to the more expensive side.  Putting together the collages is a lot of fun for me, precisely because I already post so many photos of myself and what I wear and make work on a daily basis. 

          I hope that helps explain where we are coming from and I’ll certainly keep your points in mind!

          Ride on!  :)

          • I am not into clothes shopping, but I sill enjoy the LGRAB Fashion Fridays. To me they are about ideas and not about “go out and buy this.”  A couple of times I’ve seen a colour combination that made me think “Oh I should try that” – using items of clothing I already own. Thanks for the Friday fun ladies!

  2. I love your Fashion Friday posts and think it’s fun to play imaginary dress-up with a bike.

  3. Dottie says:

    I love the neutral dress with the pops of red.  Classic but fun.  I’ve never used overshoes before, but the concept is intriguing. 

    I also want a Pashley like Sara’s.  My birthday is in 3 months – thanks!  ;)

  4. I love Fashion Fridays!  It’s a treat to see what Trisha and Dottie pull together every week.  I may not be able to afford every item that is posted but I appreciate the quality and the hard work that goes into such pieces.  That said, I often use posts like these as a blueprint when I’m shopping and look for options more in my budget.  

    Thanks for featuring Poppy!  She’s such an amazing bike and the red shoes would look great with her!

  5. Glovetogloveyou says:

    Love this combo!!! I use these great fashion posts as inspiration…and then I (forgive me for writing this cliche) “shop my closet” to get the same look.  I appreciate a different perspective on clothes, and one that considers cycling as part of the equation.  I have a pet peeve of editorial spreads that use bikes as props, and the models aren’t wearing anything they could actually cycle in :)
    Keep up the good work!  I don’t take any issue with the shopping/style content on your site, and because you have such established priorities I take your product reviews seriously.  Thanks for all your hard-work ladies, you consistently amaze me!!!

  6. What a timely post: It’s finally raining in Chicago today, too! Lovely collage.

  7. Agnieszka says:

    Love this outfit. Do you happen to have any recommendations for a cape at in a lower price range? 

    • Trisha says:

      Thanks! I am not sure you can get any lower than the Amazon option for $11 that I linked to — but if I come across any more mid-range or low-price options, I will share them here! You could add reflective tape to the Amazon cape to make it even more cycle-friendly.

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