July’s Women-Who-Bike Brunch

On July 1, the Chicago women-who-bike met for our monthly brunch.  A small group made it downtown for the 90+ degree day.  We picnicked in Grant Park, near the famous Buckingham Fountain.

Here is Jessica and her colorful Specialized Globe.  The blue wheels came with it.

Chika and her blue Linus Dutchie 3-speed.  I was with Chika when she bought the Linus from J.C. Lind Bikes – more on that selection process soon!

Michelle and her black Linus Dutchie 8-speed.  Michelle writes the informative and influential blog, Bike Walk Lincoln Park and I was so happy finally to meet her in real life.

Megan and her Gary Fisher Simple City (no longer made).  I love how her creamy linen and seersucker outfit matched her creamy bike.

Sara and her blue Pashley Poppy from Boulevard Bikes.  She loves this bike, since upgrading from a Jamis Commuter.

Me and my beloved Rivendell Betty Foy.

With my long dress pinned up for biking.

After a couple of hours, our sunny morning became overcast and thunder rumbled in the distance.

I was headed to a nearby theatre to see the Paris Opera Ballet perform again – I made it inside just in time to escape the storm.  When I emerged hours later, the weather was perfectly calm for my bike ride home.

Any women in Chicago who are interested in joining the brunch should email me at LGRAB@letsgorideabike.com.  We always meet the first Sunday of the month.

4 thoughts on “July’s Women-Who-Bike Brunch

  1. ladyfleur says:

    Your women-who-ride brunches make me wish I lived in Chicago. +1 for picnicing in the heat and missing the thunderstorm.

  2. TrekRiderMark says:

    Is it only limited to the ladies, or can a guy drop in if he is visiting in the area to say hi? 

  3. Wrong Name… Jessica is so close!

    :) I had a ton of fun ladies!!

  4. Kmt609 says:

    Thanks so much for this post. I’m looking for new bike options like the Linus Mixte and this was so helpful. And as a Chicago native, it was awesome to see all you ladies biking around!!

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