A Long Summer Evening

I love how getting home at the end of the day can become extraordinary simply by bicycling with friends.  After this week’s Tuesdays on the Terrace event at the Museum of Contemporary Art, I biked home along the lakefront with my friends Sara and Holly.  At 8:30, the sun was setting, creating beautiful colors in both the sky and water.  Sara had the idea to stop along the way and venture to the edge of a pier for a beautiful view of the city.

Sara with her blue Pashley Poppy:

Holly with her green vintage bike:

Me with my Rivendell Betty Foy:

We took a bunch of photos and engaged in some general silliness:

Sara said she felt like it was one of those long summer nights of childhood, when the streetlights have come on but you’re not ready to go home home and go inside yet.

I totally knew what she was talking about.    Riding bikes with friends on a late summer evening is the best.

Do you ever get that feeling?

{p.s. Have you read about Grant Petersen’s visit to Nashville yet?  I want to read his book for the title alone – Just Ride!}

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12 thoughts on “A Long Summer Evening

  1. You all look full of vitality, enthusiasm, and beautiful!  Thank you for capturing the memories of childhood summer evenings!

  2. You all look full of vitality, enthusiasm, and beautiful!  Thank you for capturing the memories of childhood summer evenings!

  3. TrekRiderMark says:

    I love the downtube shifter on Holly’s bike.  Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  4. Sara says:

    So. much. fun!  Dreamy shots, Dottie.  These pictures beautifully capture the essence of summer evenings off the lake.  Nothing beats summer in Chicago!

  5. l* says:

    Three smiling angels on their bikes
    frolicking on Chicago pier
    painter Sun put his  colourful touch 
    ere below the horizon he disappeared
    oh what a beautiful evening
    oh what a beautiful sight
    (like me,) you wish you’d been there ; right? ;)

    :)) Smile ;))

  6. my hyggelig says:

    Midsommar is the best!  We always love our Summer night rides – there is just NOTHING like it.  Swoon.

  7. Sara Struckman says:

    No matter how old I get, I always feel like a kid on my bike on summer nights. Not a care in the world, cool(ish) breeze in my hair. Looks like a lovely evening!

  8. Don Danbury says:

    Seem to be great photos, but alas too small to tell…LGRB the old days when beautifull big photography ruled…siiiiigh

  9. Les says:

    Just awesome.

  10. Primrose says:

    What basket is that on Sara’s Pashley Poppy? I’ve been looking for a nice rear rack basket for ages!

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