June’s women-who-bike picnic brunch

The first Sunday of June was an absolutely gorgeous Chicago day.  The women-who-bike met for a picnic by the lake.  Much fun was had!  Check out all the awesome women and their bikes!

Sara with her new Pashley Poppy and amazing red pants.

Chika – her first time biking in a dress!

Jen and her badass bakfiets.

Amy is serious business.  :)  Preparing for her first RAGBRAI this year!

Seri rocking the all black ensemble and preparing for her fourth (!) RAGBRAI.

Megan’s cool.  Coordinating her bungie straps to her sandals?  Yup, that’s how she rolls.  :)

Shelley on her way to tend her organic pop-up garden.  (Way more advanced than mine!)

Stefanie shows how to do summer blues!

Krystle looking Parisian chic!  (Fun fact: we first met when she recognized me outside the grocery store.)

PINK!  Christina shows how to do high-vis.  :)

Araidia and her adorable gingham skirt with clever leggings.

Me and Coco.  Read more about biking in this long dress.

Our beautiful patch of Chicago, in the shade of a majestic old tree.




A fabulous morning.

If you’re a woman in Chicago, join the next brunch – a picnic in Grant Park downtown!  Sunday, July 1, 10:30 a.m.  Email LGRAB@letsgorideabike.com for the details.

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14 thoughts on “June’s women-who-bike picnic brunch

  1. Mrs Brown says:

    Love the fashion commentary but I wish you would mention a tiny bit about the bikes…

  2. Mrs Brown says:

    Love the fashion commentary but I wish you would mention a tiny bit about the bikes…

  3. Wow…very, very cycle chic!  Looks like so much fun, a cycle brunch is a perfect way to celebrate summer and cycling!  TFS!

  4. Hannah says:

    Wow! All looks so lovely. I really like Pashley cycles thinking that my next bike may be a Brittania or Poppy. Wish I lived near you to join in with the fun, maybe on my next holiday to the states? Xx

  5. Misssarahchan says:

    Bakfiets. So jealous.

    Your hair is so long!


  6. Nicola says:

    Genuine, non-snarky question – why are Araidia’s leggings clever, are they super special, or just normal leggings that she’s wearing particularly well? I feel like I’m missing something here, I don’t have any clever leggings!

    Love her sandals. I love the number of sandals on show in these pictures, I’ve only just learned how to bike in sandals without stubbing my toe all the time and I love seeing them on bikes!

  7. Jemma Smith says:

    This looks so fun, if I was across the pond from the UK I’d join your group – picnic looks delicious :)

    That cart attached to Amy’s bike looks like such hard work, does she always ride with it???

    If you fancy some traditional Brit tablecloths for your next picnic – you might want to check this site out, I love their stuff – for perfect picnic setting atmospheres! –> http://www.wipeeasytablecloths.com/

  8. Hyedie says:

    Look at all the lovely bike/people portraits!!  So lovely!!

    Hopefully one day when I’m in Chicago, I can join you on a brunch!

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