Lake Breezes and Karma

The cool breezes of Lake Michigan lured me to the lakefront trail yesterday morning.  Freedom from the stifling heat of car exhaust and crazy drivers, I relaxed and enjoyed the beauty around me.

These pictures are from this great old Polaroid Land Camera 250.  Very fun to play with.  :)

In the evening, I took city streets, where I witnessed a scene that first had me flaming mad and then had me cheering.

As I waited at a red light at a crowded intersection, a driver in a fancy SUV was turning left and inching into a crosswalk as a mother with a baby carriage crossed with the walk signal.  The mother was saying something to the driver that I could not hear, probably like, “Excuse me, I have the walk sign and I’m here with my baby.”  The driver responded by HONKING his horn, right in the baby’s face!  The mother did not budge and the driver then stepped on the gas to lurch forward and psych out the mother, who was standing no more than two feet away WITH HER BABY CARRIAGE!  (Who are these horrible people???)  As soon as she moved away, the driver sped down the street…

…for about 3 seconds.  A police SUV, which was two cars behind the offending SUV, immediately went after it with lights and sirens.  As a biked by, the SUV was pulled over and two police officers were exiting their vehicle.  The scene was so beautiful, I could have wept.  KARMA!

I think the driver should have been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, but at the very least I hope he or she received a citation for failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.  Drivers need to know that they cannot get away with criminal behavior simply because they are surrounded by a ton of metal!

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19 thoughts on “Lake Breezes and Karma

  1. You find the lake front trail relaxing? Maybe on days with not-so-nice weather, but on nice days it’s so packed full of walkers, runners, and speed cyclists, that I actually feel safer on the streets. A day like today might be a good day to go out to the LFT, but then you’ll get pelted with high winds and rain.

    I do love it when I see jerks get pulled over though. Nothing makes me smile more than a taxi driver getting a citation. Most of those guys shouldn’t even have drivers licenses.

    • LGRAB says:

      Yes, in the morning the lakefront is relaxing. Not very crowded and mostly commuters and regular joggers who know what they’re doing. I usually do not take the path in summer evenings.

  2. G.E. says:

    That is a beautiful story, and it’s nice when there is actually law enforcement around to witness the event. Often times those in cars seem to think that they can bully those on foot and/or two wheels, so it’s nice to know that at the very minimum, this individual was detained/inconvenienced for a short time.

  3. Meganomics says:

    That stroller incident is scary. I wish I could say the same thing had never happened to me, but sadly, it has. In both New York and DC. So glad the cops were around to call this insane driver to account.

  4. Trisha says:

    I don’t generally see that sort of extreme intimidating behavior, but I do see failure to yield to pedestrians all the time here. Even to pedestrians with baby carriages! Glad this person got what he/she deserved; there is no excuse for that sort of behavior.

    p.s. Love the dress!

  5. Lisa says:

    Bad manners become frightening when cars and other weapons are involved. Pervasive courtesy on our streets and in our communities would be a lovely thing.

  6. Hooray for law enforcement being in the right place at the right time! And wow did that mother have nerves of steel. Good on her for standing her ground.

    Super cute skirt!

  7. Cyclinmissy says:


  8. anniebikes says:

    Thanks for sharing some positive law enforcement. I know there are too few officers to capture all offenders so it’s great when you give them a thumbs up. All your readers will learn of this episode, not just the few bystanders at the scene.

    As for the woman with her baby, well, it would have been safer for her child had she yielded to the crazy motorist. But, I’ve been there and sometimes blood boils and you stand up for your rights.

  9. Repto says:

    Oh, that is a *beautiful* story!  I get so frustrated by idiots who don’t yield to pedestrians.  This is such poetic justice.  I nearly got creamed on Sunday night by a yahoo who nearly hit me while I was crossing in a crosswalk on upper Columbus.  

    Then, yesterday, my 8 year old daughter was nearly run over on her bike as she was waiting for the light to change.  We were on our way to school. An SUV driver made an illegal right turn at a “no turn on red” corner and literally did not see her.  I was screaming in his back window, the crossing guard was screaming at him from his front quarter panel, but this freakazoid kept on going.  My daughter just froze;  he missed her by about an inch.  I could see him looking out his rear view mirror wondering about the crazy people around him.  I’m sure he had no idea that he nearly tagged a little kid on a bike.  ARRgggghhh!

    What really makes this all really frustrating is that there *was* a crossing guard there (a big guy who’s about 6’2″, wearing a day=glo safety vest and holding a large stop sign), there were about 12 kids and 2-3 parents waiting for the light just next to this SUV, there were big moveable signs in the intersection that they put up during crossing times (like this: ), and the intersection is CLEARLY marked “no turn on red when school children are present” at several locations around the intersection!

    • LGRAB says:

      Oh gosh, how awfully scary! It’s a shame we all have to be terrorized by huge machines run wild every time we step outside of a building or vehicle.

  10. Vicki says:

    What a great story! There was a story in our local paper two days ago about the “war” between car drivers and bike riders. It got so many anti-bike comments in the online discussion. But I think your story highlights that it is road rage in general that is the issue and it is mostly car drivers at fault.

  11. ladyfleur says:

    Karma indeed!  Your story reinforces how some drivers intimidate and literally try to push their weight around in our cities. I hate that “I’m 2,000 pounds and you know who wins in a collision” argument. It’s not a safety statement, it’s a justification of bully behavior.  And to honk in a baby, that’s really pathetic.

  12. Cupcake Ride says:

    What great shots!

    But that story – what sweet, sweet justice.

  13. I have seen the exact same driver behaviour in the greater Boston area. Wish the police took these offenses more seriously when catching drivers in the act. A failing to yield citation seems insufficient. 

  14. Lauren says:

    Haha wow, that story is great! I’ve seen situations like that a few times (aggressive drivers intimidating cyclists/pedestrians, only to get pulled over less than a block away) and it always warms my cold little heart.

  15. That is really, really awful!  I wonder what would make someone so aggressive, thoughtless, and clearly dangerous…

  16. RobW says:

    As one with no license (bad eyes) it makes my blood boil when I hear of people abusing the priviledge.  Perhaps a month on a bicycle (or walking) would teach them some pedestrian respect.

  17. Karen says:

    Being in Chicago, I’m sure he didn’t have his left turn signal on either.  This is a great story, although it’s probably rare, I’m glad there is some justice on the streets for pedestrians! Hooray!

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