Chance Meeting with Reader Holly

While at J.C. Lind Bikes the other day, I met Holly, who was looking all cycle chic and introduced herself as a reader of LGRAB.  What a lovely chance meeting!

I fawned over her Carolina blue Gazelle, which she purchased last year.  How great is the blue with the cream tires?

I also loved her use of an orange wire Basil basket on her rear rack.  She simply slipped the handlebar holder prongs over the Gazelle’s thick rear rack and added one zip tie for extra hold.  I might have to use this idea with Oma or Coco.

I got Holly’s email address and followed up with her for more information on her bike life.

I just got back on a bike five years ago after a 20 year hiatus.  I grew up on a gravel road, so I had never ridden a bike IN a city and it took me quite a while to build up courage.  After reading your blog and realizing that commuting to work did not have to include another set of clothes and a shower but actually, you could wear the cutest damn outfit and just enjoy the ride, I decided I could probably do it, too.

I bought my Gazelle at JC Lind last summer after trying out a lot of bikes and doing a lot of research online.  Your reviews and posts made a world of difference for me in helping understand important features and the needs for commuting and commuting in Chicago.  I decided that the Gazelle Basic was the best option for a “beginner” Dutch bike.  I wasn’t fully ready for the financial commitment of the “super” Dutch bikes!

If there is something I’d want others to know, it’d be that biking means different things to different people.  You don’t have to be fast and you don’t have to be fit, you just have to enjoy being out there, but please, bike polite!

Meeting people like Holly reminds me how cool biking women are and how happy I am to reach so many of them through LGRAB.  If anyone sees me out and about, please say hi!  I’d love to chat.


12 thoughts on “Chance Meeting with Reader Holly

  1. Love those Basil “milk” baskets. I borrowed one when visiting NYC and it was so easy and convenient, not to mention cute.

  2. Jax+Puzzle says:

    Love the blue and cream – beautiful! My red Raleigh mixte and my Betty Foy are cream tired as well :-). Something about cream tires feels very feminine to me, and I relish it!

    And that basket is super – I need to look into those!

    • LGRAB says:

      I agree! I really want cream tires on my Betty Foy, but I cannot justify the expense, since my black Schwalbe tires are in perfect shape. :)

  3. Jessica Musselwhite says:

    I use my basil basket the same way!  I think in fact those were made to go on the rear.  They have some for the handlebars that are more shallow.

  4. Emily L. says:

    Fabulous! :) I’ve never seen this blog before but I’m a friend of Holly’s. Wow who knew there were bike blogs! Thanks for the inspiration to get out on my bike!

  5. I love Holly’s bike, her big smile, and her great attitude!

  6. Jenn says:

    How funny I think I saw Holly out this week. I recognize her cool grey blue Gazelle. 
    She- like all bike women in Chicago -must come to the brunch so we can check out her bike up close!

  7. Trisha says:

    Fun! Love meeting other bikey ladies, especially if they read our blog. :) 

  8. Kymba Khan says:

    That is a side/rear rack basket, meant to be used pannier style, not a handlebar basket.

  9. l* says:

    A cute Gazelle in blue so cool
    A radiant smile upon her face
    A sight so wonderful
    That Dottie had her ‘Holly Day’.
    (and I too would!)

    :)) Smile ((:

  10. Karen says:

    What a lovely portait shot of Holly and her Gazelle.  I love meeting readers and seeing how they’ve outfitted their bikes for their lifestyles.

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