Here is a preview of the new Civia Twin City Step-Through from JC Lind Bikes.  I picked her up today for a weekend review.  The  last bike I reviewed was way back in October, although I posted the review in February, so I’m excited to try a new bike.

I have big weekend plans for me and the Twin City, including a trip to the farmer’s market.  Stay tuned for a full review next week.

Also, check back on Monday morning for an exciting announcement about the evolution of Let’s Go Ride a Bike!  You may have noticed our brand spanking new look (still working out the kinks!) – that’s only the beginning.  ;)

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12 thoughts on “Previews!

  1. Miriam says:

    I just came upon your website and I love it! I would like to get in touch with you – I’m trying to set up a bike company in Puerto Rico and I was wondering if we can talk to share some experiences. I’m from the Netherlands myself and am as enthousiastic as you are about bikes :) My email is I would very much appreciate your insights. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Miriam

  2. Misssarahchan says:

    The bike looks nice and all, but what I really like is your dress! Site is looking hot too:)

  3. Bob Parker says:

    Yay! Twin Cities!

  4. TrekRiderMark says:

    Love the new site Dottie.  Also, since purchasing a Trek Transport, I am a big fan of step-through bicycles.  Normally guys reserve the step through style for ladies only.  I must say, it is nice not having to swing a leg over everything to get on the bike.  This bike is making me spoiled!

    Keep up the great site!

  5. This bike looks stylish, and it will be interesting to read your review and see if it rides as nimbly as it looks.  And you look very cycle chic Dottie!

  6. Amar says:

    Love the site makeover!

  7. SearchZippyShare…

    […]Previews! « Let's Go Ride a Bike – life on two wheels: simple. stylish. fun.[…]…

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