Review: Lululemon Ride On Blazer

Dottie and I got the opportunity to review a few of the items from Lululemon’s Ride On! collection, a limited run of cycling clothes being released this month. (See her review of their rain jacket here.)

I’m also starting out with the item from the collection I liked the most: The Ride On Blazer.

I was sent this blazer in “fossil” in a size 6. If you have never tried Lululemon, know that they do not vanity size: definitely get a size up from what you wear normally. This jacket is a bit snug on me and fits more like a 2/4. Because it is a stretchy jersey-esque fabric, though, it’s not that big a deal.

Like the other items in the “Ride On” line, the blazer has specific details that were conceived with cyclists in mind. For example, the collar of the jacket has a fleecy insert that can be zipped up to your neck to keep out the chill, as shown on the model below. This piece can be removed.

detail photo from Lululemon’s site

LIke the rain jacket, the blazer is longer in the back—no fear of showing anyone anything you don’t want them to see while you’re pedaling. I absolutely love the peplum effect that the back has.

Flaunting the back of the jacket

Note the small reflective detail near the elbows, almost a reflective rick-rack. There is another similar reflective detail on the collar if you pop it up, although that would normally be covered by my hair.

Yes, my seat is too low.

The jacket is cut with a generous pleat in the elbows, leaving lots of room for movement. The sleeves, however, are quite long, as you can tell by the fact that the reflective strip is on my forearm and not actually at my elbow. They do have thumbholes so you can keep the wind off your hands.

There are two pockets with trendy exposed zippers. The fabric is some Lululemon trademarked thing that is breathable and moisture-wicking.


Overall, this jacket is a win for me. Though the fit is not perfect, it is comfortable, I’ve gotten countless compliments on it in just a week, and it has a lot of thoughtful functional details that prove it was made with cyclists in mind. The one thing that surprises me is that they weren’t a little heavier on the reflective details—as with the rain jacket, there are no reflective pieces on the back of the jacket other than the one on the collar. I would love to know why this didn’t happen. Maybe they’re worried about limiting the market, despite it being a cycling-specific collection? In most of the online reviews of this product, the purchasers make no reference to bicycling.

And then there’s the price: $168. Not outrageous for this sort of well-made piece, but certainly not an amount of money I’d throw down without a little bit of inner turmoil. Your mileage may vary, of course! Still, if you are looking for a unique, stylish jacket with cyclist-specific details to wear on your rides, the Ride On Blazer is the cutest I’ve seen yet.

More on the jacket on Lululemon’s site.

{This review is my personal opinion. I was not paid for the review, but the jacket was sent to me to keep. Lululemon is not a sponsor of LGRAB.}

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18 thoughts on “Review: Lululemon Ride On Blazer

  1. Sarah W. says:

    Really cute and flattering! I like the neck fleece.

  2. Dasha says:

    wow, love all those features!  I wouldn’t want to get crazy with the reflectives, I think it’s a nice balance.  thanks for making me aware of this brand.  I’m going to keep looking and saving my pennies.

  3. Bess says:

    That is super cute. I am more into it than Dottie’s rain coat simply because finding a functional rain coat is easier than an attractive short jacket that is made for riding & covers one’s lower back.
    almost enough to make me overlook Lululemon’s owner’s apparent love of John Galt.

  4. welshcyclist says:

    Fabulous, no matter what you wear you look gorgeous, the jacket looks good as well!

  5. I love how the jacket looks on you, though I don’t think I could pull this colour off. The sample I got is the “indigo” and it is basically fax denim. I like almost everything about my jacket other than the colour. 

    • Trisha says:

      I was just reading your review! Nice to get another take, and see that color in “person.”  Agree that it’s weird they chose three heather-y/denim-y colors. Despite the casual fabric, this jacket could have been quite dressy if it were solid black, and maybe more versatile. 

  6. Kara says:

    I really love that longer length in the back. It is a great jacket. Might need to stalk it in the store and snap it up when it goes on sale. 

  7. You look very, very sharp!  Love it!

  8. HD says:

    are you aware of any cycling clothes for plus size ladies?

    • Trisha says:

      Unfortunately, no — Lululemon only goes to a 12, and they run so small it’s probably more like a 10. This is something that needs to be addressed for sure.

  9. Venus Kanani says:

    This jacket looks great on you! And I think the size looks perfect. Great review.

  10. Thank you so much for reviewing this collection!! I think I speak for many female cyclists when I say that I am intrigued by the line. I am already a big lulu fan so it’s exciting to see them expand into MY area of fitness. I also think this is a market niche that’s mostly neglected –clothing that transitions from bike to work/play. As you said, with the prices being what they are, there is some inner turmoil so I especially appreciate people who post detailed reviews. I’ve had my eye on this jacket too but think I will hold off since warm weather is coming and I won’t be using something like that until Fall. I’m hoping they’ll make the henley in short sleeve and/or a tank. We’ll see. I’d love to see you review the short too.

    • Trisha says:

      Yes, it does seem like poor timing to release this jacket — I am glad I got it when I did because it’s already too warm to wear it here. I will be reviewing the shorts, ahem, shortly. ;) Liked them more than I thought I would.

      • Thanks for the reply Trisha. I ended up going into the store this weekend and I tried on EVERYTHING. I will probably post a review on our blog this week with some of my thoughts. I ended up buying the short (I felt the same as you –ended up liking it way more than expected) and the Ride On crop (which is the best of the bunch I think). I loved the jacket so so much but forbid myself to buy it until Fall. The henley was nice although too long for my taste. I didn’t like the pant at all –weird fit –not quite legging and not quite pant. Last point –I tried fitting my padded shorts under all the Ride On bottoms and it worked –surprisingly without having to size up. That was the selling point for me –knowing I can layer them for longer rides.

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