Happy March!

Stuff your coat in your bike basket and go ride through some puddles of melted ice!  :)

With any luck, we’ll all be seeing some flowers outside in a few weeks.

(And I hope everyone enjoyed Leap Day!)

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13 thoughts on “Happy March!

  1. Great pictures and great dress, wow! Wet snow is falling in Boston as I write this…

  2. Michael says:

     I respect your style.  You’ve made me smile this morning. Thanks.

  3. ladyfleur says:

    Great color and pattern on the dress!  It really complements your coloring.  Being nosy: what’s in the shoe boxes on your rear rack?

  4. Annie Angello says:

    Places like this blog make me feel like I’m underdressed when I cycle.  But luckily, I’m from Austin, America’s most underdressed city, so I fit right in!

  5. Donnarino says:

    Um, do I spy shoeboxes? Next to bikes, shoes are my second fave thing.

  6. dmr says:

    Beautiful pic! Have you ever considered doing a calendar? :-)

  7. welshcyclist says:

    I’m with Michael on this, you’ve made me smile also this morning. I always look in on LGRAB, the content’s great, the pictures fantastic, and you, Dottie, are incredibly gorgeous. By the way dmr’s idea for a LGRAB calendar is spot on, I’d get one.  

  8. Markn says:

    Hey Dottie, I really love the boots, awesome look. As for the flowers, I will be seeing some in Maui next week. Goodby cold, gray Michigan!

  9. Holly says:

    Once again, looking gorgeous as ever! Thanks for coming over on Sunday and “bringing it” to the photo shoot!

  10. What a great smile Dottie, and fabulous outfit as well!  While the temps have been mild in NY, it’s been grey and dreary.  Looking forward to spring!
    And do tell about the bike winter fashion show…

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