Video: Cycling Chicago’s Lakefront Trail

I ended the year on Saturday with a ride downtown along the Lakefront Trail with my friend Elizabeth.  Here’s a little video of cycling the Lakefront Trail heading south. I’m riding my Betty Foy and Elizabeth occasionally pops up with a santa hat on her helmet. The video is sped up by 150% and the song is by The Moonlighters from Free Music Archive.

You can see that the car-free trail is a very nice route, especially when it’s not crowded. I would take this route to work every day if it were a little more conveniently located for me.

Happy New Year!

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25 thoughts on “Video: Cycling Chicago’s Lakefront Trail

  1. Christina says:

    I take this route (but in the reverse) to work 4 or 5 times a week! I’m really glad that it’s the most direct route that I can take because it’s way more peaceful than doing my 8 mile or so commute on the roads.

    (Also, I shouted hello to you a few weeks ago while I was running in the morning and I saw you biking through Lincoln Park. Sorry if I startled you, but I felt compelled to say something! :) )

  2. G.E. says:

    What a fun video to share. Looks like quite a busy path, but nice to see that it is being well used.

    I’m curious, in the video it appears that you’re riding in the middle of the two lanes of traffic. Is this the case, and if so, do you typically ride the middle of the path? I’m merely asking out of curiosity because I notice so many people on our multi use trails ride so far to the right, but then others do take the middle and adjust as needed.

    • Steven Vance says:

      I’m guessing it looks this way for two reasons:
      1. You are constantly passing people that you stay towards the left of the lane.
      2. The camera is mounted on the left side of the handlebars.

      Two lefts make a center!

    • LGRAB says:

      Oh, the volume of path users in this video is nothing compared to the summer time! I’ll have to make another video when it’s really busy. I was riding to the far left of my side of the path because my friend Elizabeth was riding to my right. I’ll ride two abreast on the path when it’s not busy because it’s easy for faster cyclists to pass in the other lane.

      • G.E. says:

        Good to know, and it makes sense now (I don’t know why I didn’t think about your friend on your right, as I saw her passing you a couple of times. Loved seeing this though, and would love to see it when it’s REALLY busy. :O)

  3. jim says:

    A lot better than what we have in San Diego but what’s up with all those sewer covers in the middle of the road?

  4. Guest says:

    +1 re. the Chicago Lakefront Path being great when it’s not crowded. (Best time is in Winter, when it’s been above freezing overnight. Otherwise there are killer ice patches on the North end of the path.) During busy season the path is deadly. I have the broken pelvis to prove it. Read John Forester’s take on multi-use paths in “Effective Cycling.”

  5. anniebikes says:

    Thanks, Dottie. Do you notice how gnarly and beautiful the trees are this time of year?

  6. E A says:

    That was quite a fun ride — I LOVE how at around minute-marker 1:54 in this video that the sunbeam is in the screen and the music lyrics talk about a sunbeam! Perfect synchronization. :-)

  7. Sue says:

    I love this video! Such fun. I noticed the sunbeam too and wondered whether it was accidental or the song was added intentionally to go with the sunbeam. Great syncing song and video if yes.

  8. Van says:

    We made a stop in Chicago this fall just to ride the path. It’s a great asset to your city.

  9. Van says:

    We made a stop in Chicago this fall just to ride the path. It’s a great asset to your city.

  10. […] My friend Dottie from LGRAB and I began our bike adventure with a ride down Chicago’s Lakefront path. The weather here in Chicago has been so mild (no complaints!) that I just knew I had to get out to enjoy the sunshine we had on New Year’s Eve. How joyous to have Dottie join me; she even took video of our ride down the lakefront path and posted it on LGRAB. […]

  11. Enjoyed the ride and its syncing soundtrack. Asheville’s Mad Tea Party offers more of that ukulele vibe. Happy New Year!

  12. Stephen Hodges says:

    Looks like everybody’s pretty well behaved. I can’t even imagine what it’s like during summer.

    What is the average width of this trail? Is there enough real estate (available ROW) to expand the trail surface to get the walkers and joggers off to the side more?

    If such trails were so bad based on the occasional accident, we would shut down all roads, since 40K die in the U.S. every year from automobile “accidents.”

  13. […] too long ago, my friend Dottie from LGRAB posted video she captured of our shared bike ride down Chicago’s lakefront path on a mild New Years […]

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