Bright Colors and Winter Sunshine

The mild winter weather continues to make me so happy! Sure, it’s cold, but not freezing cold. Sun shining on my shoulders and clear roads are all I need to stay in high spirits.

My bright red coat, instead of being my one source of winter color, is merely one of many bright colors on my commute. Look – not only is there a Carolina blue sky, there’s also green grass!

In case any driver fails to notice my bright red coat, I’ve taken to wearing a neon yellow slap bracelet around my ankle. This is the same nifty free bracelet I posted about wearing on my wrist during the summer. A little extra color never hurts, plus it’s just too fun and easy to leave at home.

The darkness of the evening commute feels more like winter, but I’m still rocking my holiday lights. Plus, today the weather warmed so much by the time I left work, I did not need my scarf and unbuttoned my coat.

This type of winter weather makes Elisa’s advice about dressing for winter bicycling in New Orleans relevant for bicyclists around the country, even us Midwesterners.

Whatever your particular weather experience is right now, I hope you’re enjoying these first weeks of winter!

p.s. I wrote this last night and this morning I woke up to heavy rain and 40 degree temps. Weird weather!

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11 thoughts on “Bright Colors and Winter Sunshine

  1. anniebikes says:

    I rather like the idea of you using those lights for all of January. It’ll get you through the darkness in light-bright fashion.

  2. Aimee Miles says:

    It’s also raining here in Klamath Falls, Oregon for maybe only the 4th time since I moved here in June. The change is nice, but I don’t have a way to stay dry when it’s not in snow form, so I’m getting a ride from my husband.

  3. David B. says:

    As always, you look lovely in your red coat and other winter garb. We are receiving the same rain here in west Michigan but, hey, that’s what fenders are for.

  4. Inspiredcyclist.word says:

    Love the festive lights on your bike! Fun and an added safety bonus! The slap bracelet/anklet is a great idea as well.

  5. […] from Let’s Go Ride a Bike brightens her winter ride with a Nutcase Love helmet and a lipstick red trenchcoat. Can’t […]

  6. Woodstock-style tie-dye t-shirt (hyphen overload!) today. I ain’t afraid of no color.

  7. Cycler says:

    Almost completely unrelated, but I see that Betty has a Pletscher 2 leg kickstand, and I seem to remember that Oma has a Hebie bi-pod. Any particular preferences between the two? I have a Pletscher which has failed, and need a new kickstand, and am trying to decide whether to try the Hebie instead?

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