Love for Atlanta Bicycle Chic

I have a new blog love: Atlanta Bicycle Chic!

This is a fabulous blog filled with original photography of stylish cyclists around Atlanta.  Such a high-quality blog focused on bicycle street style with posed portraits is a rare gem  (the only other that comes to mind is Chicago’s Bike Fancy).  If you’re not already familiar, you should check it out immediately!

Looking through the archives really makes me want to visit and ride around Atlanta!





Atlanta Bicycle Chic is an off-shoot of the style blog Atlanta Street Fashion, both by photographer Cameron Adams.  I had a quick email chat with Cameron to learn more about his blog and Atlanta bicycling.

Cameron Adams on a Bianchi Milano

What made you decide to start a blog dedicated to Atlanta bicycle fashion?

Great looks are everywhere and bikes make stylish accessories.  The convergence of street fashions and city cycling is a global trend and one worthy of its own forum, so I started Atlanta Bicycle Chic.

I think of Atlanta as a car-centric, traffic-heavy city. What is the bicycling scene like?
Yes, Atlanta is a car-centric town, but bike commuters are daily shaping the future. One leading the way is Rebecca Serna of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and organizer of our Heels on Wheels. ABC also organizes group rides like the BeltLine (Atlanta’s rails-to-trails project) Tour and has participated in a mass ride to the state capitol campus in support of the three foot law. Progressive politicians like Kwanza Hall keep our infrastructure needs at the forefront of the city’s legislative agenda.
You often feature photos from the Heels on Wheels ride. Could you tell how readers in the Atlanta area could join?

Interested? Look to their facebook page. The ladies meet on first Saturdays spring, summer and fall for leisurely rides on Peachtree Street for fun and fellowship.

What is your personal history with bicycling?

A younger version of me commuted in the streets of my hometown Richmond, Virginia, but now I ride daily for exercise on the lovely riverside trails in north Atlanta and take my bike into town by MARTA rail or car for style blogging expeditions. Both Bill Cunningham and Scott Schuman know there’s nothing like being a pedestrian for intercepting other pedestrians.

Thanks to Cameron for maintaining Atlanta Bicycle Chic and for taking the time to chat!

{Check out other Atlanta-area bike blogs, Sweet Georgia Brown, I Dream of Bicycling, and Cycle Kabob. Who did I miss?}

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19 thoughts on “Love for Atlanta Bicycle Chic

  1. anniebikes says:

    It’s always wonderful to learn about a new blog. I want that hot pink bike!

  2. Laura Jane says:

    I’ve been following Cameron’s blogs from Chattanooga (in his Bianchi Milano shot) to Atlanta—chic indeed! Cheers to great bicycle bloggers!

  3. says:

    Thanks for sharing such a neat, inspiring blog! Makes me want to roll on the streets of Atlanta right now!

  4. Kyle says:

    That is me in the bow tie, bottom left! I have been fortunate to appear a few times in Cameron’s blog(s) (and to call him a friend), but it is fairly easy to accomplish: wear something eye-catching, then wait. He is everywhere; he will find you. Too, he is just so nice and bubbling with enthusiasm, every time you encounter him. It is one of the reasons Atlanta Magazine named Atlanta Street Fashion the best blog in town.

  5. Jax+Puzzle says:

    Thanks Dottie for sharing Atlanta Cycle Chic, I’ve never come across it until today. I have admired Sumehra’s hot pink Riv mixte on Flickr for some time – what an awesome ride!

  6. Lauren says:

    aw, me & my siblings were just talking about atlanta the other day. i reeeeally want to ride the megabus down there (FOR A DOLLAR) and then bicycle around the city, but unfortunately you can’t take a bike on the megabus :( wah wah.

    • Marc says:

      You could possibly do a folding bike. Catch is, their “official” stance on folding bikes is they don’t allow them. However, if you can handle carrying one in a really large messenger bag, and they can’t tell, you’re golden :D. I’m thinking of trying that next week when I’m off work :).

  7. Mamavee says:

    oh yay.

  8. Are you familiar with Dimitry Gudkov’s photo blog? I think his portraits of NYC cyclists and their bikes are just beautiful.

  9. Atlanta is a cool place that is also unbearably hot.

  10. martha williams says:

    Atlanta looks really cool on bike!

  11. Donham298 says:

    Congratulations on your blog start

  12. Congrats to Cameron for being featured on your blog! We in Atlanta are fortunate to have a talented photographer who is passionate as he is about bicycles and street fashion.

    Also, I’ve recently moved from Cycle Kabob and have started my own blog @ — Please do check it out!

  13. Congrats to Cameron for being featured on your blog! We in Atlanta are fortunate to have a talented photographer who is passionate as he is about bicycles and street fashion.

    Also, I’ve recently moved from Cycle Kabob and have started my own blog @ — Please do check it out!

  14. Gladys says:

    Cycling is not only a great way to get around but stylish and keeps one fit and active. To me, there should be more bicycles than cars allowed in the city in all seasons except winter.

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