December’s women-who-bike brunch

On Sunday, Chicago’s lovely bike ladies got together for the final brunch of 2011. The weather in Chicago is unseasonably mild and I was able to get by without a coat, wearing a sweater dress ($2 from Salvation Army!) and glittery Cynthia Rowley tights (a gift from Trisha last Christmas).

About 15 of us met at The Southern in Bucktown and boy was it good!

I had to get the fried chicken, biscuits and gravy (hey, I’m from North Carolina!).  There was enough left over for yummy dinners on Sunday and Monday.

Martha seems to be taking her benedict seriously in this photo, but she liked it.  And Ash her donuts.  :)

For real, these cinnamon donuts with fruit and coffee dipping sauce looked amazing.

After a leisurely meal, we headed outside for our usual bike talk.

Maria, Samantha and Seri showed off their wintery white helmets.

Jen, Ash and Holly modeled their oh-so-lovely jackets.  ;)

Catherine made a strong case for purple and green together.

Martha’s bright red scarf and Samantha’s neon yellow gloves were great pops of color (visibility!) next to their black coats.

And check out Martha’s new Yakkay helmet cover.  Swoon!

April and Holly brought some spring colors into the mix.  (Stay tuned for a full review of April’s raincoat coming later this week.)

So cheerful on a grey winter day!

I think I managed to get everyone’s photo this time except Stef and Carrie, so I’m posting these that I took at prior gatherings. (A bit underdressed for December, aren’t we, ladies? :) )

After brunch and bike talk, some of us headed to the nearby Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market.  A perfect Sunday morning!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the lovely ladies for coming together every month.  I feel like our group is really something special and I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made.

Cheers to an excellent 2011!

{Are you a Chicagoan who wants to join our fabulous group?  New women are always welcome!  Email me at}

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14 thoughts on “December’s women-who-bike brunch

  1. Ash L says:

    Thank you for organizing such a relaxing morning, Dottie. And for my early Christmas gift ;)

    Renegade was too nuts for my family and Holly so we headed to Big Star for our second meal of the day.

  2. welshcyclist says:

    There’s no doubt about it you are film star good looking.

  3. amanda_rose says:

    Dottie! This looked soooo fun!…and my boyf is in Chicago on a business trip…that should’ve been my excuse to fly over and join you girls Sunday! What a fun-lookin’ bunch of bike-ladies! :)

  4. anniebikes says:

    I enjoy your posts on these women only brunches…love your black dress and black bike, so fitting. I too, peruse the Salvation Army for clothes,

  5. […] gotten pretty chilly as well but that doesn’t seem to stop these ladies for cycling (in […]

  6. i wish i was still in illinois and could join you guys sometime! it looks like you’ve built up such an incredible community around you.

  7. Dave Cain says:

    Imagine my surprise at seeing Jen amongst your cohorts. I worked with her years ago in Massachusetts. Tell her Dave from B&C says “hi”!

  8. Holly says:

    Hi Dottie–sorry if it seemed like I ditched you at the craft fair. The crowd was claustrophobia inducing. I went upstairs thinking it’d be less herd-like and it was worse. Ran into Ash and bolted with her family. I am so glad I finally made it to brunch! Thanks for organizing it and what a great group you have. I look forward to joining you again.

  9. martha williams says:

    Thanks for organizing Dottie! I am VERY serious about food… its my job ; )

  10. Where did you get your bike basket?? It is so cute

    • LGRAB says:

      Thanks! It’s a Hershberger Baker’s Basket, made by an Amish family in Minnesota. I bought it from the Velo Orange website, but I don’t think they sell it anymore.

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