Brewery Bike Tour in Fort Collins

I’m back in Chicago! Can you believe it’s November already?

During my Denver vacation, I spent a day in nearby Fort Collins, Colorado.  Melissa, Chanh, Mr. Dottie, and I went on a bike tour of the city’s breweries. Melissa mapped out an ambitious plan to hit all seven, but a late start, early return time for the bikes, and a lot of beer sampling lowered that number to three.

Our first stop was the Fort Collins Bike Library to pick up free bikes. That’s right: free.  The Bike Library is a non-profit that lends out bikes like a library (get it?).

The Bike Library is located in a small hut in the middle of the downtown pedestrian plaza. Once we signed a waiver and provided credit card information, we were free to pick out the bikes.  Many were unrideable due to needed repairs, but lucky for us, several were left in good condition.

I scored a Jamis Commuter, the first bike I owned as an adult.  This was a very nice version, complete with 8-geared internal hub, chain guard, fenders and generator lights, although it made a crazy noise and the fenders were bent up.

Melissa tried out the bakfiets (awesome!)…

But went with a cute blue cruiser.

Chanh and Greg chose/were left with red single speeds.

Our second stop was CooperSmith’s Brewery, since it is next to the Bike Library and has a pub where we could eat lunch. Also, beer!

Then we set off down the road to our next stop, Odell Brewing. The ride was quick, but most of the route was along the shoulder of a two-way street with faster traffic. Someone with less experience riding among traffic may not be totally comfortable with this route (along Lincoln) but we found a more enjoyable back-streets route for the return trip.

The beer at Odell was AMAZING!  Easily among the best beer I’ve ever had, especially the Bourbon Barrel Stout.

I think we managed to taste them all.

Our final stop was New Belgium Brewery, which appropriately had a wide bike lane outside.

And its own small fleet of branded bikes.

I’m a big fan of New Belgium, both for its Tour de Fat/bike advocacy and its delicious beer.

Uh, yeah, we enjoyed our beer. :)

Fort Collins is not only breweries, though. Before heading out, we spent some time walking around the cute downtown area.

It is very pedestrian friendly.  ;)

We played with the interactive street art.

Surely, this fish was meant to be ridden.

Definitely this bike piano was meant to be played.

Fort Collins is an awesome little town.  We had so much fun and I’m happy we spent a day there.

I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area. What could be more fun than bikes and breweries?

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16 thoughts on “Brewery Bike Tour in Fort Collins

  1. Jan der Biergarten says:

    I was going to ask how you kept those bell bottoms out of the chain until I went back and actually read the article (yeah I zip through the pictures first – ha!).

  2. Alicia says:

    Great post!!! Looks like an awesome trip. Nothing is better than breweries and bicycles. :-)

  3. Kindra says:

    Lovely photos and great post! We’re heading to Fort Collins soon too, so this is super helpful!

  4. melissa Stoneking says:

    In the picture of me on the cruiser, you can see some sort of party where they were on a bike-powered transport thingy. They were doing the ultimate biking and boozing!

  5. melissa Stoneking says:

    In the picture of me on the cruiser, you can see some sort of party where they were on a bike-powered transport thingy. They were doing the ultimate biking and boozing!

  6. Nik says:

    OMG I went to Colorado State for grad school from 2006-2008 and loved the place. Damn you for showing me why I should have never left! Bikes, breweries, mountains, what could be better?

  7. Lem says:

    Wonderful photographic captures, broad smiles, happy time among friends – all these that you depict here uplift our spirits. ;)
    L& friends.

    Ps: O yes! ….. You have also shown America and your other visitors here that even ‘crappy’ bikes , as long as they are safe enough to ride, could bring one happiness. :) :D

  8. Ooh! Fort Collins is one of my favorite places to bike! Although each time we ride to New Belgium Brewery it’s closed… You have much better timing! Looks like lots of fun.

  9. says:

    Oh what fun! And a bicycle library…does it get any better?

  10. […] you know that Fort Collins has a bike library? How awesome is […]

  11. Kara says:

    I love Fort Collins! Grew up a couple of hours away and spent many weekends here. It truly is a fun, lovely place with a great atmosphere.

  12. Lynn says:

    I’m so glad you made it to Ft Collins on your trip to Colorado! Your photos beautifully capture some lovely parts of our town! ;).

  13. Lizzie says:

    Awesome. I’ve been wanting to visit Fort Collins since I bought my Ridekick trailer. It’s manufactured there. I live in a suburb of Los Angeles around the size of Ft. Collins, so want to see how their bike infrastructure compares to ours.

  14. […] previous Colorado adventures, see Brewery Bike Tour in Fort Collins and B-Cycling in […]

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