B-cycling in Denver

Mr. Dottie and I are in Denver this week vacationing and visiting Melissa and Chanh. We’re staying at a B&B downtown and so far we love the area. Today was devoted to B-Cycling. We picked up a couple of bikes a block away and made our way across town to the Platte River Trail, where we biked several miles, stopping for lunch and an excursion to the flagship REI store.  We biked about 12 miles total for the day.

B-Cycle is Denver’s bike share system.  There are 500 bikes at 51 stations, mostly serving the downtown area.

The bikes are fully outfitted for city riding, with 3-speeds, drum brakes, skirt guards, chain guards, baskets, generator lights, fenders and adjustable quick-release seats. Very comfy.

You swipe your membership card (which we borrowed) and the bike of your choice is released.

After paying a membership fee, using a bike is free for the first 30 minutes, $1 for the hour, and thereafter $4 for every half hour, to encourage short local trips. We managed to spend no more than $4 all day by docking and re-releasing our bikes as often as possible.

And then we were off! The trail is lovely – paved, scenic and well-maintained.

The fall colors here are gorgeous.  So beautiful.

We stopped by a cool bike shop/coffee shop, Happy Coffee Co., that had this great mural outside.

Then Mr. Dottie had to infuse the ride with adventure and bomb up this hill with his little B-Cycle. Pretty impressive for a 3-speed city bike. We’ll have to find some real mountain biking later this week.

We loved our adventure on the B-Cycle and are enjoying biking in Denver.  The past couple of days have been warm, but it’s supposed to snow up to 10 inches tomorrow!

Now back to vacation…

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25 thoughts on “B-cycling in Denver

  1. anniebikes says:

    How fun! When I go on vacation, all I can think about is “how am I gonna ride a bike?”, so I completely understand. You may be skiing tomorrow so I’m glad you took advantage of the public bikes. Have a wonderful exciting time in Colorado.

  2. Amanda says:

    B cycle looks fun! The REI flagship is not in Denver, unless they moved it without telling Seattle

  3. Amanda says:

    B cycle looks fun! The REI flagship is not in Denver, unless they moved it without telling Seattle

  4. Awesome! We’re currently in the planning & fundraising stage of getting our own B Cycle bike share system going here in Fort Worth – will have to pass along your experiences to our planners.

  5. OldBikeRider says:

    A great vacation – have you noticed the altitude?
    Are you expecting to get up to Boulder?
    Enjoy the early snow.

  6. G.E. says:

    Yesterday it was in the 80s, tomorrow we get a foot of snow… welcome to beautiful Colorado! :o) Hopefully, you’ll be able to get out and enjoy more after the storm passes. The snow usually melts quickly, so I’m sure you’ll get back to all the fun very soon. Glad to see you’re enjoying all the biking, too.

  7. LC says:

    I’ve never been to Denver but from your photos it feels very Dutch! :D (from the architecture and those great cycle ways)

  8. Nuresma says:

    Denver seems beautiful. And a good sharing bike system!
    Have a good vacation :)

  9. Sigrid says:

    I used to live in Denver during some key years of my life ~ that was crazily for a decade nearly over a decade ago now! Like a lot of American cities, Denver is changing for the better – people are becoming more global and more savvy. When I was back in March I was surprised with how much it had changed (smart urban development, b-cycle, people biking more in general, nice restaurants, etc.). Way back in the day I tried to commute from my home in a now popular modern enclave near Cherry Creek to downtown. No one new about my modern enclave back then and very few people biked to work. The trail from Cherry Creek to downtown is great, but I found it a bit unnerving at times because of being the sole rider with on an isolated trail with people who called this area home (if you catch my drift)… I would be curious to know if this trail is busier now days with cyclists instead of people sleeping there.

    One thing that doesn’t change, it can blizzard in October, but be 60 the next day ~ I truly miss that and the benefit of good healthy sunshine almost everyday. Have a great time! I look forward to seeing ‘your’ Denver.

    • melissa Stoneking says:

      Hey Sigrid, I think I know the area you are talking about. The Cherry Creek area is really big now. I say “now” even though I’m new because I can tell that most of the stores and such are relatively new. So more of the trail over there is very populated in the day. At night, not so much. In fact, a woman was sexually assaulted in that area a few months ago. Regardless, I love that area because it is well maintained and hilly.

  10. Redeyedtreefr0g says:

    Hi Dottie!
    I loved visiting near Denver on our move out here to Oregon. It’s getting cold here too, and we have the same yellow leaves, very pretty.

    I had a question: it dipped down to high 20s (F) yesterday and on my very short 15 minute commute my legs froze! I had on thin denim jeans with silk underneath- better than my cotton leggings I thought. Today I’m wearing both and it seems bulky. On your video you wear only tights (regular stockings?) and wool leggings. Is that it? The wool keeps you that warm? or how do thin gauzy tights make that much difference? I’m very skeptical but obviously it works for you. I’d love to keep going through the winter, but I’m quickly learning (I’m from Florida) that I am not prepared.

    Any advice would be awesome. I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip!

    • LGRAB says:

      During the winter I usually wear wool tights with my skirts. Combined with wool socks and snow boots, that’s usually enough. If it’s an especially cold day, I’ll put thin wool leggings over the tights. Cold legs have never been a problem for me – it’s fingers and toes that cause the most problems.

      • Kgavitt says:

        You don’t burn calories. You produce them. By burning fuel. In your legs. Legs are also thick. Thick things retain heat. Fingers and toes aren’t producing much of anything in the way of calories; and they’re thin.

        Where do wild sheep live? Up in the high, snowy mountains. Where does cotton grow? India, Egypt, Georgia.

  11. LGRAB says:

    Looks like fun! I see you got that snow. Hi Mr. D and Melissa & Chahn!

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  13. Inspiredcyclist.wordpress.com says:

    Ohhhhh you look like you are having a really nice time cycling, and in Denver. Enjoy the snow as well tomorrow, if it does arrive!

  14. Misssarahchan says:

    Looks like a great time! Denver and Boulder are on our road trip list in the future:)

  15. adventure! says:

    The weather you describe sounds like the time I visited Denver in March many moons ago. One day was sunny, beautiful, 60s. Next morning, 6 inches of snow on the ground. I know that a lot of places say “If you don’t like the weather, wait 24 hours”, but Denver and other mountain cities take the cake.

    And is that an appearance of the elusive Mr. Dottie?

  16. Dr J says:

    Did you have to agree to wear a helmet in order to use B-Cycle in Denver? In Boston ( http://www.thehubway.com ) legally we are not allowed to use this program if we refuse to wear a helmet (Those are the terms and conditions you have to agree to). The system encourages you to buy one if you happen to be a tourist and don’t always travel with a helmet. Apparently, for our mayor it is obvious people travel with helmets as often as they take their own toothbrushes with them.


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