Betty Foy in the Red Eye

“I love owning a semi custom bike because it suits me perfectly and, as a result, I enjoy riding my bike even more,” she said.

Read more about me and others who prefer their bikes custom or semi-custom in Pimp My Ride*, the cover story in this weekend’s print and online editions of the Red Eye.

*Betty Foy would like to point out that she is against sex trafficking.

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3 thoughts on “Betty Foy in the Red Eye

  1. Christy says:

    Customer came into my bicycle shop B&L Bike Shop in Davis, CA today with one of these beauties.

    What a good looking bicycle!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Really, any bike that is ridden and loved becomes custom pretty quickly, even if it came from Wally World.

  3. Barbara Upstream says:

    Hi Dottie, I love your blog. Your Betty Foy is gorgeous, but I am curious about the lack of a chain guard. Do you find it to be a problem? Also, do you have any insight as to why the Betty Foy is made without a chain guard? I know it’s supposed to be a sporty bike, so a chain guard would add undesirable weight, so perhaps that’s the reason. But since it’s also supposed to be a multi-purpose bike, I would think folks would want something a little more street-clothes-friendly.

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