LGRAB Summer Games: Players & Prizes, Part 4

It’s time for the final dose of inspiration and prize-winning from the Summer Games.

Linda at The Auspicious Life in Portland rode to the Willemmette River  and Sauvie Island for some fresh raspberries (jealous!), outings that speak to the spirit of the Games.

She read The Lance Armstrong Performance Program: “I don’t plan on riding in any races or going up the Pyrenees anytime soon. But there were some good tips that led me to reevaluate my seat position and had some advice about shifting and breaking that will come in handy.” Linda, who just started biking last year, also went on her first group ride and enjoyed the sensation of stopping traffic. :)

Andrea M. in Toronto took our tasks and ran with them, completing nearly all of them by the time the contest was over! She “rinally” cleaned her rusty chain on her Opus.  took a picture that screams summer, rented, rode and reviewed one of the Bixi bicycles, went on her first group ride on a new bike trail and filled out a form asking for bicycle parking. Whew.

Reader Sara B. wrote about all her Summer Games events in one post. She read Cycling for Everyone, a book she “will turn back to repeatedly.”  She test-rode a Camp folding bike, rode somewhere new to pick up her CSA (yay for CSAs!) and took a summer snapshot.

Sara's summer snapshot

Hyedie H. of the delightful Cupcake Ride blog, also in Toronto, took a summer picture, too. Loving these beautiful landscapes!

Hyedie also went on a group ride, fixed the brakes on her grocery getter and wrote a letter to her councilman about saving the downtown bike lanes, which a new mayor in Toronto seems to be threatening. Maybe we should all join her and Andrea in that one…

The ladies from Loop Frame love played along, too, although Jen in Seattle was the only one to complete all four event, including test-riding an Xtracycle, fixing the handlebars on her son’s trail-a-bike, organizing a group ride to some of Seattle’s new Neighborhood Greenways and photographed her summer commute “at its best.” 

Jen on the Xtracycle

Meanwhile, Deb in Edmonton read It’s All About the Bike (and gave it a glowing review—I want to pick this one up!), rode in a Critical Lass and proofrided her Brooks saddle (another thing I definitely need to get done myself) and cleaned the chain on her Raleigh Sports.

Reader Sumehra entered by email, and included some fantastic photos from the events that she completed, including going on a group ride — a seersucker social! — performing some bike maintenance, and test-riding a Bridgestone Mixte with flat tires. :) (She normally rides a custom Rivendell, yum.)

And the winners this round are . . .

is taking home the WorkCycles hoodie.

And Sumehra, featured here, takes home the Po Campo Streeterville Clutch!

Ladies, we’ll be in touch to get your addresses.
Thanks to everyone who played in this year’s Games.


4 thoughts on “LGRAB Summer Games: Players & Prizes, Part 4

  1. G.E. says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! It’s been so much fun to read all the stories over the last week or so.

  2. Sumehra Patterson says:

    I’m excited and honored to be featured on your blog (and for winning the Po Campo clutch!) It will match my Po Campo rack tote famously. :) Thank you!

    Also, I wanted to thank Cameron Adams, our local “Atlanta Cycle Chic” for the photo.


  3. Sam says:

    Congrats to the winners! I’m really enjoying reading these updates even if I’m too lazy to actually participate.

  4. Hyedie says:

    Thank you again for hosting and organizing the Summer Games 2011!!!

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