LGRAB Summer Games: Players and Prizes, Pt. 1

Starting today and continuing every day this week through Friday, we will be posting a round-up of LGRAB 2011 Summer Games players and announcing the lucky prize winners. Winners will be randomly drawn from the entire pool of players.

We have been so pleased and humbled by all of the fun and enthusiastic entries. It’s great to see that others are enjoying biking in the summer as much as we are!

Join the fun by reading about their adventures below…

April – Cycled on a loaner bike while on vacation and read an interesting book about cycling, Wheels of Change: How women rode the bicycle to freedom. She also wrote a kick-ass letter to her alderman in support of bike infrastructure, documented summer with a photo, went on a group ride (Critical Lass!) and performed a maintenance task by changing her tire with a little help from the Women Who Bike.

April rode in Critical Lass

April biked even while on vacation

Wendy – Survived her bike commute to work, read a book about cycling (The Art of Cycling), explored a Cleveland bike path, test rode a Fuji road bike, and joined in on a group ride. She also emailed her local grocery to advocate for bike racks and made some beautiful bike-inspired silk screens. Nice!

Wendy biked to work


Beautiful bicycle silk screens

Cathey – Read a book about cycling (The Practical Cyclist), explored a beautiful bike path outside of Dallas with her son in tow, performed a maintenance task on her bike (a Globe named Miss Dorothy!) and test rode an adorable red tandem (want!).

Cathey test-rode a tandem


Cathey enjoyed beautiful scenery by bike

Patrick – Captured his bike with sand sculptures for a unique picture of summer, took a new route to work, test rode a new bike that he ended up buying, and went on a full moon, pink flamingo-themed group ride with his wife!

Patrick test rode - and bought! - a touring bike


Patrick rode with a group of pink flamingos

Margarita – Went on a bike date to one of my favorite eating establishments, Chipotle!

Chipotle bike date in Palm Beach

Amanda – Built her first set of wheels (for her Raleigh DL-1) and then took a long joyride through Seattle with a visiting friend, along the way exploring a new scenic route. She also emailed the Seattle Center to request that they bolt down their bike racks (that would help!).

Amanda took a joyride in Seattle


Amanda's Seattle route

Daniel – Rode somewhere he’d never ridden before and explored a greenway. Plus he made awesome videos of his adventures! He also proofided his Brooks saddle and went on a group ride organized by the Holland Project.

Deb – Expressed how summer makes her feel with a lovely collage and – awesomely – helped lead her town’s initiative to create its first non-motorized path!! She also rented a bike on vacation and, in the process, had the chance to test out a new kind of bike.

Summer according to Deb


Deb rented a bike on vacation

Paula and Amber – Enjoyed a group ride (38 miles! then junk food – yum), commuted to work for the first time (19 miles!), captured some lovely summer scenery of dusk, and performed maintenance tasks: washed, lubed, pumped tires, and checked brakes.

Summer evening by bike

Bike, meet Office

Awesome, ladies and gentlemen! You all sure have been keeping busy!

The first prize we are giving away is the Farmers Market Twin Pannier from PUBLIC Bikes.

The panniers sit on the rear rack and have a handy carrying handle that makes it easy for taking on and off. Having twin panniers provides you with enough space for a shoulder bag, purse, groceries, laptop, bottles of wine, and anything else you might pick up along the road.

And the winner is…

Deb M, who blogs at Pedal to Health. Congrats, Deb! We know you’ll put them to great use.

To everyone else, keep checking daily, because we still have several great prizes to give away.

4 thoughts on “LGRAB Summer Games: Players and Prizes, Pt. 1

  1. Julie Hardee says:

    I love Deb! I’m glad she won.

  2. Wendy says:

    For what it’s worth, they’re linocuts, not silkscreens (but I may use the same design to silkscreen shirts for STOMP). We framed them and gave them to friends for their housewarming!

  3. maureen says:

    I enjoyed reading about all highlighted here! I think all who entered should be applauded and proud of themselves. Additionally, you two inspired many to try new and positive things. Thanks for hosting the games again!

  4. uxkqdqfkv says:


    bwyfvxryz xhpzq qsqhgiv isgy uajyaqwjilrrkis…

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