July Women-who-bike Brunch

July’s women-who-bike brunch in Chicago on Sunday was a lovely little affair.  (I believe most of our ladies were resting up after the annual overnight L.A.T.E. Ride.)  We set up a picnic on the banks of a river just off a recreational bike path.  Everyone brought a little something to share and there were lots of fresh berries, homemade pastries, and refreshing spiked drinks.

The weather was a bit hot and there was a flat tire at the end, but nothing that the ladies could not handle.

It was so lovely to meet new people and to see familiar faces!

Are you in Chicago and interested in joining us?  Email me at LGRAB [at] letsgorideabike.com.  All women-who-bike (or are-considering-biking) are welcome!

More events coming up:

  • Women-who-bike Happy Hour: July 20, 6:00, Blue Line Lounge
  • Tour de Fat: This Saturday, July 16, Palmer Square
  • Seersucker Social: This Sunday, July 17, 1:00, Streetside Bar
  • Critical Lass: Thursday, July 21, 6 pm, Polish Triangle

Hope to see you there!

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16 thoughts on “July Women-who-bike Brunch

  1. Miss Sarah says:

    Oh my oh my how I love your skirt!

    And the picnics sounds excellent. Maybe I need to just start up a picnic ride. Mmmm…

    And in the winters it could be a slow food pot luck ride.

    Don’t you love my brainwaves in your comments box?


  2. dreamlet says:

    Beautiful pictures, Dottie! I also love your skirt. It looks a bit daring – like it might be the kind that floats up unexpectedly while riding your bike!

  3. Louise says:

    This picnic looks like a lot of fun! The food looks so yummy, especially those berries. They’re out of season here at the moment.

  4. Love the blue bicycle dress of the lady with the vintage Raleigh!

  5. Ash says:

    I loved our little group Sunday. Though, I didn’t love the heat.

    LGRAB Chicago readers; if you can’t make the brunches we also have a month happy hour. This month we’re meeting at a bar in Wicker Park on Wednesday the 20th. Hope to see some new faces.

    Dotties, are you coming to the Seersucker Ride?

    • Dottie says:

      I may come to the Seersucker Ride. Depends how I feel. I’m definitely going to Tour de Fat on Saturday, so I may need Sunday to do non-bike stuff like clean. :)

  6. Alila says:

    I love the blue dress with the bicycle print. Do you know where she got it?

    • Ash says:

      I found it at a local thrift store but someone at brunch said they saw it in the Anthropology catalog. Happy hunting!

  7. anniebikes says:

    What lovely ladies! All shapes, all sizes, so colorful, great picnic food, OMG I want to be there. I can only imagine all the girlie conversation that takes place. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Maureen says:

    Oh, it looks like so much fun! Love how you interspersed photos of the flowers Dottie!

  9. […] can check out Dottie’s gorgeous pictures over on the post she published on her blog. And I highly recommend stopping by Ash’s tumblr blog as well – she’s been spotting some […]

  10. Eco Mama says:

    That looks so fun! Love the picnic basket and everyone looks so pretty and carefree.
    Eco Mama

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