{Cupcake} Training Ride

Recently, I talked about my goal to take a few substantial joyrides this summer.  I got lots of great suggestions in the comments, but so far I have not mustered the energy to do anything about it.

My most ambitious ride last weekend involved ambling on Coco to the movie theater to see Midnight in Paris (love Woody Allen!) and stopping for a couple of cupcakes on the way home.

Hey, I know: this was a training ride!  I’m deep in preparation for this Saturday’s Cupcake Ride. I take this kind of stuff very seriously.  ;)

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19 thoughts on “{Cupcake} Training Ride

  1. OK, those cupcakes look ridiculously tasty. :) Feel like taking a “training ride” down to the local vegan place for some of their homemade cupcakes now.

    Great photos, as always!

  2. I admire your dedication to the sport : )

  3. Maureen says:

    What one does for their sport! And practice makes perfect!

  4. Tia says:

    I’m super excited for the cupcake ride(assuming my poor bike is out of the shop by Saturday). A friend of mine directed me to this blog. :D That’s such a lovely bike too!

  5. GITerDone says:

    When is the pizza ride? :D

  6. Dave says:

    We had the steamed bbq pork bun ride yesterday after work. Chocolate covered almonds and lots of stuff for Japanese Hot Pot were also purchased :)

    Beer rides are also very common in our household.

    Man, and I thought I wasn’t a big fan of themed rides :)

  7. David says:


    Is Saturday’s cupcake ride women-only? You wording suggests it probably is, but it’s not entirely clear. My girlfriend and I would enjoy joining y’all, but probably only together.

    • Dottie says:

      You’re welcome to come! It’s not women-only and I know of at least one other guy who will be there with his wife. I do encourage you to dress cupcakey, though. ;) It would be interesting to see how that translates in guy-wear.

      • David says:

        Lovely – that’s good to hear. I hope we make it. One of us might show up solo if the other is drawn away. I’ll give myself the night to consider what ‘cupcakey’ could mean in terms of a man’s clothes, which is not to say I’d actually have anything that could be considered such! :)

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