East Nashville Ride

My ride to East Nashville added up to more than a sunburn. I’m the worst when it comes to taking photos—especially when one has to pause to take them under the broiling noonday sun—but I did manage to capture a few images from my ride with Whitney and Raleigh a couple of weeks back.

First of all, her Raleigh and Le Peug are now serious buds. Don’t they look great together?

Like all the best bike rides, the point was the journey. It was Mother’s Day, so we avoided the more traditional brunch spots and had salads and a drink at Beyond the Edge, followed by a delicious ice cream cone at Pied Piper Creamery.

By that point the Nashville Bicycle Lounge was open, and we swung by to check it out and chat with owner Dan, who was in the midst of building up this sweet ride. In his words, “If Lizzie Borden rode a bike, this [custom Surly] would be it.”

The Bicycle Lounge is a really cool spot—it’s one of the only places in Nashville with a selection of transportation bicycles like Surly and Linus. Dan said he has trouble keeping the Linus bikes in particular in stock.




As soon as Whitney and I walked in, Dan greeted us. His first words were compliments on our vintage rides. Saying nice things about my bike is on the top 10 list of ways to my heart (other items on the list: cooking dinner, an affinity for Lionel Shriver novels, laughing at my jokes, foreign accents) so things were on the right track to begin with.

After ordering a couple of parts and purchasing some new brake pads for the Raleigh, we were heading back in the full heat of the day. Since going back home from East Nashville contained a few more uphill runs than the way there, we paused in a parking lot. Being dehydrated and sweaty did not make contemplating the soul who discarded a chicken bone, a grape jelly packet and the butt of a Swisher Sweet in the parking lot any more appetizing (let’s hope he or she did not eat them all at once).


Anyone else visited a new bike shop lately, or gone somewhere else a bit off the beaten path? I have to say that this ride whetted my appetite for some longer rides. Nothing like the sense of excitement that comes from conquering another part of town by bike.

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5 thoughts on “East Nashville Ride

  1. Maureen says:

    I don’t think I have, but hope to do some different rides next weekend if we have nice weather. One I’m interested in is a “Graffiti Ride” going through two Brooklyn neighborhoods, viewing graffiti as art. It should be pretty neat. The new Bike Lounge sounds/looks like a great place!

  2. Lauren says:

    i ride from east nashville to my office in midtown at least a couple days out of the week… the hills going in can be brutal. ugh. at least the ride back for me is nice and downhill! haha!

    i didn’t know we had a bike lounge in east nashville! i thought they only sold skate stuff! i’ll have to check that out; it looks like a neat place.

    • Trisha says:

      Yes, it’s hard having the ride back be so much more uphill! I guess they call it the Gulch for a reason. :) You should check out the bike lounge. I think it used to be a skate club, but it’s all bikes now.

  3. Dottie says:

    Looks like a fun ride! Le Peug and Raleigh are excellent together. :)

    It’s a great sign that Nashville has Linus and Surly for sale because those are two serious city/commuter bike brands.

  4. Haptownstudio says:

    I live in East Nashville and try to divide my $pending between Nashville Bicycle Lounge and East Side Cycles. Both shop owners are great guys and I want to try to support both businesses. My only complaint about the Bicycle Lounge is that it’s too dark and gloomy in the shop. They only have one window in there and that’s the sticker covered glass door entryway. Add light grey walls, dark grey cement floor, exposed black beams in the ceiling and black decor and the place has a decidedly Burtonesque quality to it that (to me) is not conducive to hanging about. This is not to say that I don’t like going in there, they have some wonderful bikes and gear to look at, and the owner and staff are friendly. I should add that they do have one colorful wall just to the right of the entryway that has a cool mural painted on it – if they could extend this theme all the way through the shop that would go a long way to improving the atmosphere in there.

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