Little Miss Muddy: Coco in the Rain

Trisha showed you her Little Miss Messy coffee-stained Abici and now I’ll show you my Little Miss Muddy Velorbis. On Wednesday I rode Coco, my Velorbis, in the rain for the first time.  I discovered that the gorgeous cream-colored frame shows mud quite clearly.  I’m not good at keeping my bikes clean, but I definitely have to wipe Coco down after the rain.

Although Coco’s aesthetics suffer in the rain, her performance is top notch.  The substantial fenders, chain case, and internal brakes are perfect for keeping me clean and stopping on a dime.  The super cushy Fat Frank tires are a big bonus and make Coco the best among my bikes for riding in the rain.  Normally, I feel paranoid riding on slick roads and through puddles, but the stability and comfort of the fat tires made me feel completely secure. I love those tires.

As for myself, I dealt with the rain fine.  I wore my Patagonia trench rain coat (not pictured below), which caught most of the drizzle.  My wool tights and tweed skirt dried quickly and my helmet protected my hair.

So that’s it. I made it through a 30 minute drizzly bike commute a-okay.  By the time I got to work, I was a little bit more in love with Coco than before.

What aspects of your bike help (or not) when riding in the rain?

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13 thoughts on “Little Miss Muddy: Coco in the Rain

  1. dukiebiddle says:

    “What aspects of your bike help when riding in the rain?”

    Balloon tires, balloon tires and balloon tires. Oh, and fenders.

  2. bicycletorch says:

    Fenders, mud flaps, Pasela Tourgaurds, generator lighting, and having my handlebars higher than my saddle. I have yet to spring for a rain cape, but it’s on my wish list.

  3. Dick says:

    A blinking red tail light sure makes me feel more secure when caught out by accident.

  4. aem2 says:

    My drum brakes. Oh, how they stop the bike in the rain! Also my helmet cover, with the neoprene brim that keeps the rain off my glasses. Very welcome, because I like being able to see.

    I wish more bikes had proper fenders. I often find myself riding behind someone else when they’re kicking up a heck of a spray.

  5. anniebikes says:

    Fenders, a rain coat, plastic grocery bags to keep things dry, and a positive attitude.

  6. ambimb says:

    Coco is one sweet machine. The Fat Franks really make the package complete.

  7. Fenders and rain cape. That, and tires made with sticky rubber. Used to use (older) Avocet slicks, when they were made; now love Schwalbe Marathons. Oh, and a fixed gear–you’re not dependent on possibly wet brakes (though of course I do run a front brake).

    Both my bikes run fixed, have a leaned-forward (about 45 degrees, not racing) position, and see lots of rain miles and occasional unpaved roads. I ride 500 to 600 miles a month, all weathers, almost all in LA traffic.

    Fenders! (Did I say that already?) They make the rain cape possible, and rain capes are much more comfortable than rain jacket + pants. At least for someone like me who runs hot.

  8. Those Fat Franks are awesome! The right attitude is most important in rainy riding, which is “Isn’t it great to be on a bike!”.

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