Bicycle Favoritism

Like a parent, I really can’t choose a favorite among my three bikes Oma, Betty and Coco. But I do go through periods when I heavily favor one over the others. Right now, it’s Betty’s time in the spotlight.

For the past month and a half, I’ve been riding Betty Foy exclusively. (April 7 was our 2-year anniversary!) I missed her so much during winter, as soon as the ice cleared and I got her tuned up, she became my ride of choice day after day. She’s so fun and breezy. I haven’t ridden Oma since the weather cleared two months ago because she still has studded tires and I hadn’t ridden Coco since…let me check the archives…March 31.

That changed on Wednesday, when I pulled Coco out for the day.



And boy, am I glad I did! She’s a lovely bike and those Fat Frank tires are so cushy. I feel different when I’m perched atop her riding straight up. Once I break in the Brooks saddle, the comfort level will be perfection.

As for Oma – getting her studded tires swapped out is on my to-do list for this weekend. So Betty may have to take a back seat again for a while.

On another note, after all my talk of allergies, I finally went to a doctor yesterday and learned that I don’t have allergies at all (good!), but a two week virus (basically a bad cold). I plan to bike today even though I feel like crap because I can’t stand a second day on the L. (There’s a double meaning with “stand” – get it?)

Happy Friday!

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10 thoughts on “Bicycle Favoritism

  1. neighbourtease says:

    Coco is adorbs. I agree with you about fat franks. I love mine so, so much.

    totally unsolicited advice, pls feel free to ignore/discard: I recently had basically exactly what you describe — thought I had allergies, learned I had a sinus. I tried out the adult version of something that has worked very well for my 2.5 year old son’s colds. It’s called Sinupret and cleared my sinus infection totally within a day or two. After several weeks of feeling horrendous. Worth a try perhaps — it’s an herbal combo from Germany.

  2. cycler says:

    One real advantage of multiple bikes is the ability to ride one when the other (s) have mechanical problems. I’ve been riding my DL-1 while my year round commuter is at the shop this week getting tuned up.
    One thing that I was just talking to a co-worker about is that different bikes use subtly different muscles, so the first couple of days of riding a new one can really be a challenge.

    Glad you discovered the source of your nasal misery, hope you feel better soon!

    • Carolyn I. says:

      I totally can relate to the having second bike. My Rocky Mountain tire had 2 flats on separate days, both times of which I found out just before I was heading to work! I was glad to have a second bike to use instead. I didn’t have to panic on how I was getting to work on time.

  3. nicolas says:

    popped out the Velorbis today too, for the first time in 2 weeks! i was busy with getting married and going on my honeymoon in the interim… dang I’d missed riding bikes (only took a short mountain biking tour in Bali)! and I’d missed my stately old Churchill. Good to be back riding the streets of Paris.

  4. Kara says:

    I have been riding Betty almost exclusively too. There is something about her that puts you under a spell. But Coco is a spell breaker. She is so fabbity fab.

    I have been having issues with my Pashley which has kept me devoted to Betty. (Pashley needs to go to the shop, her gears won’t engage because the cable is stretched out. I have been just too lazy to take her there. And I can’t seem to figure it out myself.)

    But to be fair, Betty just seems like the perfect spring bike so there is no feeling of loss.

  5. Eco Mama says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out if I’ve got allergies or a cold too. Lots of sneezing! Your site looks great. And love that bag.
    Eco Mama

  6. Amy says:

    Good to see miss Cocoa again!

    I seem to ride both bikes equally. This time of year anyway. Pashley in the mornings and on not hot or on rainy days, kettler on hot, muggy and dry days. I suspect that once summer sets in the Kettler will get more attention as a commuter and the Pashley as an evening/weekend/part time commuter.

  7. Maureen says:

    I do favor my Pashley and my electra cruiser for neighborhood riding. I enjoy the classic retro style of each, and my riding posture. However, for distance, my nimble trek fx 7.3 is the only choice!

  8. sara says:

    Coco really is a beauty. I look forward to learning even more about her.

    Am I a total freak for lusting after a pair of cream Fat Franks? I don’t even know what bike I want them for (the Yuba, maybe?) but I just find them so gorgeous.

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