I’m back from Trishaville, aka Nashville. Although I lived there for only three years and moved away four years ago, Nashville is my favorite city to return to again and again, simply because of Trisha and other friends.  And there’s something about the South that calls to me, although I spent my youth hatching escape plans.

My three days with Trisha were full of awesomeness, of course: used bookstores, a British sitcom marathon, a discount designer warehouse, French breakfast, fancy ice cream, duck fat tater tots, Yazoo beer and live music at the Mercy Lounge (Those Darlins!).  Plus, I finally got to meet Trisha’s brother, Charlie.  Hmmm what else?…

…oh yeah – bicycling!

I got to meet the new Kate Spade Abici, whom I keep calling Kermit Spade, to Trisha’s chagrin.  With Trisha on KS and me on the Bat, we rode downtown and crossed the pedestrian bridge for a view of the Nashville skyline.

Yeah, we’re cool.

I must share, there are a number of weirdo men loitering around downtown Nashville who were quite interested in us.  We handled them effectively with stoney silence, which we’re both really good at when we put our minds to it.

After the bridge, we rode over to Broadway, with its honky tonks and cowboy boot shops.

We really should have stopped to take advantage of the 3-boots-for-the-price-of-one deal – missed opportunity.

Bicycling in Nashville was a great pleasure for me.  The weather is not yet at Southern summer oppressiveness.  The infrastructure is quite supportive of cycling, with wide bike lanes on many medium-sized streets and plenty of winding back roads with almost no cars at all.  Drivers seemed to display the fabled Southern hospitality, although I’m prone to romaticize it now that I don’t live there anymore.  One guy in a work truck blocking the bike lane drawled, “Pardon me, ladies,” which made me inordinately happy.

Today my thighs are sore from all those hills (damn! major props to Trisha for handling those every day) but it was worth it.

I make it to Nashville at least once a year, for Trisha’s birthday, but hopefully it won’t take me a year to return this time.  Chicago is comparatively cold in all ways.

Many more photos from our Nashville adventures and Trisha’s Abici to come.

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22 thoughts on “Nashville!

  1. Simply Bike says:

    I always love posts with both of you together! Sounds like a wonderful weekend, happy birthday (once more), Trisha!! I love the Kate Spade Abici, it’s such a cute bike and with such a unique color. And I love the name Kermit Spade, sorry Trisha :)

    Looking forward to more pics of your adventures, they make me happy and wistful for weekends with friends and cycling adventures…


  2. Stephen says:

    Love the shades. Perfect!

    Have to wonder what Nashville’s homeless population looks like. Many sunbelt cities have substantial populations of them. Hard problem to have, even harder to address.

  3. aww this is such a heart-warming post. nashville is such a beautiful city (though chicago has some damn good bookstores too).
    were you around last weekend? i would LOVE to meet up sometime if we’re ever in the same place at the same time, but inside i feel like you are WAY cooler than me and probably super busy. nevertheless, when i was in chicago this weekend, i kept my eyes open for pretty girls on dutch bikes/rivendell bikes.

    • Dottie says:

      I was in Nashville that weekend. I would love for you to contact me next time you’re in Chicago! We could bike to thrift stores and bookstores. :)

  4. Good to know that Nashville is condusive to cycling, and great to see you together as always. Fabulous shot on the bridge with the shades!

  5. Anni says:

    “Chicago is comparatively cold in all ways.”

    oh my gosh! my thoughts exactly. why have we never discussed this?

  6. Maureen says:

    You two look extremely cool out riding! The KS is a beauty! So glad you had fun, and look forward to reading more about the birthday adventure!

  7. Miss Sarah says:

    Glad you guys had fun! Looking forward to abici photos.


  8. Amy says:

    Sounds like you two had a great weekend! I really ought to get out to Nashville sometime and visit. Looks like it a fun town.

    Trisha – 2nd photo down reminds me of my first crash. I was about 10 and riding along with my dad. I got mesmerized by feet going up and down on the pedals and crashed right into the back of a parked car! My dad STILL has a good laugh about that one. :)

  9. i live in (east)nashville & seeing posts about my city makes me so happy. yay nashville!

    anywho, i am only 4~miles from downtown, so i do a LOT of riding over the river (to go to robert’s, no less! haha!) and it is astounding the number of people who hoot and holler at the ~girl on a bike~. it’s like they’ve never seen a bike before.

  10. Eco Mama says:

    You guys look too cool. And love that green!
    Eco Mama

  11. Kara says:

    Kermit Spade! Ha! I love that.

    You both look so fabulous and it is such a treat for us when you are reunited. Trisha looks gorgeous on that new Abici. I think it might be a perfect match.

    May I ask, what British sitcom?

  12. Lauren says:

    Did those elastic straps on the rear rack come with the bike? I’ve been trying to find some for my Raleigh but can’t seem to find any. Is there a good place to get these?

    • Trisha says:

      Dottie bought them for me! No shops in Nashville carried them at the time she did. I’m sure she could tell you where she got them in Chicago.

  13. Bettina says:

    It looks like you two had loads of fun! And good weather too, judging by the summer dresses. Lucky you!

    I actually just read a story on the BBC that I wanted to share with you – it’s about a bike sharing project in Mexico City:

    Quite cool, but kudos to anyone who actually braves DF traffic on a bike!! When I was there, I was even glad to not have to drive a car because I would’ve been scared to death.

  14. Christina says:

    Dottie, I’m pretty sure I just saw you riding up Armitage in the rain! If it was you, I hope you got home safely in the downpour!

    Also, I’m moderately obsessed with this blog, which inspired me to start biking the 8 miles to work every day instead of taking the train. I LOVE riding my bike, after a 15 year break from bike riding. Thank you for making biking in the city seem possible. (And I had to explain to my boyfriend who you are, what this blog is, and why I just seemed like I had a possible celebrity sighting.)

    • Dottie says:

      Ha, that was me! When I set out the weather seemed clear, but the thunderstorm rolled in fast. I got home fine, thanks, just soaked. :)

      Great to hear that this little blog inspired you to start riding to work. Are you on the email list for the Women Who Bike group? If not and you want to be, email me at lgrab [at]

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