Seven on Sunday

Here’s my twist on the “Ten on Tuesday” meme:

1.)  I’m even more annoyed at the pharmaceutical industry this week, because Allegra would be the perfect name for the Kate Spade Abici if allergy meds hadn’t made it there first.

2.) Loving the coaster brake on the Abici, but still working on my gracefullness skills when it comes to starting and stopping with it. Though the handbrake helps, starting in particular can be a bit awkward (especially if I am on a hill). I plan on posting about this at length later, once I get my thoughts together, but would be happy for any tips.

3.) I admit it: I watched the royal wedding before going to work on Friday morning. Friends, scones and mimosas were involved. Kate’s dress was beautiful.

4.) I need to get out of my comfort zone more. During a ride home from happy hour on Friday, I spotted a new bike lane on Edgehill that’s probably not that new since it’s been a few months since I rode that way. A good reminder to continue to push my biking horizons.

5.) One of the items that’s kept me from the blog lately is working to help plan the Tour de Nash. It’s just three weeks from now, on May 21, and two of the four rides are completely free. It’s a great way to tour Nashville’s greenways and bike lanes—you should all come out.

6.) My homestate of Alabama is reeling from the mile-wide tornados that struck on Wednesday, the most deadly natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina. As the story develops it becomes more and more obvious how bad things are down there. My uncle is a state trooper who works the Tuscaloosa area, and the photographs and stories from that area are heartbreaking. There are a lot of small communities outside Birmingham that are equally bad off. Almost half a million people in North Alabama are still without power after a major TVA plant was destroyed.  If you want to help, you can donate to the Red Cross (text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10).

6.) And now, to end on a more positive note: Dottie is here! We are happily biking, shopping & eating (rinse and repeat!) and made a visit to the Mercy Lounge to see Those Darlins. One more day of fun before she has to go back to Chicago. We haven’t been as good as we should have been about taking pictures (yet) but hopefully we’ll make up for it tomorrow when we do our Abici photo shoot.

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11 thoughts on “Seven on Sunday

  1. e says:

    The bike lane on Edgehill just went in last week; I had to ride around the guys who were painting it in!

  2. I did not watch the Royal Wedding, as I was at a very different wedding in rural middle-of-nowhere. But I saw some footage later and agree that her dress was nice.

    The thing about the coaster brake, is that it just becomes natural at some point… you end up stopping with one of the pedals in the correct position, sometimes helped along with a toe right before coming to a stop. This is kind of hard to explain in writing!

    Having said that, the Abici that I test rode was so aggressive, that on that particular bike I found the coasterbrake tricky at first. But after a couple of hours it no longer felt that weird.

    • Maureen says:

      It sounds like you had a lovely birthday weekend!
      Coaster breaks, I’m in full agreement with Lovely Bicycle. As I was reading your post, my exact thoughts were “it becomes quite natural.” It truly does. Ride and give yourself a chance to get accustomed to using your feet instead of your hands. I’m going to think about it (as it is a reflex for me) next time I take out my electra, and come up with more explicit info for you. Hand breaks, on the other hand, took me time to get use to ( which my still asymmetrical face/smile can attest to the fact).
      “Tour de Nash” sounds exciting, perhaps worth a trip from NY. I’m going to look into it further. And if not this year, perhaps next!
      Lastly, I’m sorry about Alabama – thanks for the Red Cross tip. Bloggers like you continue to bring crucial social issues upfront, and show we can do something.

    • Trisha says:

      Upon further experience I am finding this to be the case! I need to make a video myself or something. Today I rode Le Peug and found myself missing the coaster. hope you enjoyed your rural wedding!

  3. Sue says:

    Extremely sad about Alabama, so many lives lost. I’ve only been to Alabama (Talladega) once. I found the people I came across to be very gracious and friendly.

    • Trisha says:

      Thanks Sue. Yes, the destruction is almost unbelievable. We get kind of cavalier about these sorts of warnings (or at least I do) because they happen so often but this has been a real reality check.

  4. Vee says:

    I tend to coast to a stop. Sometimes I coast with my the pedals even braking like that and then pedal forwad with my start foot once to get the pedal in position to start. Stopping uphill I pedal slowly and have just learned to stop in position now. It’s important on a hill. I downshift while waiting to start to and that helps if the pedal isn’t as high as it could be.

    • Trisha says:

      This bike only has a single gear, which keeps things interesting! I find with time I haven’t had to be as picky with pedal position unless I’m going uphill…

  5. Maureen says:

    Update on Coaster Brakes: I had Mr. Inspired use my phone to tape a several 4-8 second videos yesterday of me stopping using the coaster brakes. I uploaded it to flickr (same acct. name) I’m going to see if I can narrate it, or write a narration. How are you doing with the brakes?

    • Trisha says:

      I’m loving them! Actually rode a bike without them today and was missing them. Will have to check out your vids!

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