Creative Commuting

This month has been a chilly, snow-filled one for most of the US, and Nashville was no exception. I’ve been surprised by bad weather a few times, and spent one week without a car altogether. The result? Occasionally making transportation reminiscent of one of those river-crossing riddles as rides are accepted, vehicles of all varieties are left at the office or elsewhere and walking and public transport play a bigger role than usual in getting around.

For example, last week Le Peug spent a couple of days at my friend Erin’s house. To get him back, I drove to work, walked to happy hour with the girls, then caught a ride with Erin back to her house and rode Le Peug home. The next day, I rode the Flik to work where Minnie was waiting patiently.

Flik got popped in the back for the way home, et voila — all my vehicles safe at home.

Anyone else gotten creative with their commuting style lately?

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12 thoughts on “Creative Commuting

  1. Anne Hawley says:

    I always feel so cheated when I have to leave my bike at work (or the shop), forcing me to take the bus on two separate halves of my commute. Your post makes me realize that my next bike purchase really should be a folder!

    It was out of the question when I first started riding: I was too heavy. But I’ve lost a lot of weight and suddenly the vistas of bike style are wide open!

  2. cycler says:

    Oh man, I know this game too well.
    A folder adds a different dimension to the puzzle, but I’m often leaving my bike at work (thankfully I can bring my bike into the office, and let it drip on a piece of cardboard.

    My “ditch spot” if I’m having technical difficulties or weather problems is my partner’s office which is convenient to the train. But the locked basement storage is not something I have a key to. The building staff mostly know me and let me in, but sometimes I can’t find them, or him, to let me in, and then sometimes my bike languishes for days until I can reclaim him.

    • Trisha says:

      It’s nice to have a workplace that lets you bring your bike in! Mine is pretty understanding as well; both my bikes have spent the night inside here.

  3. Bob and I have only one car, which we use when snow is on the ground. Sometimes we both need the car on the same day but work in different locations in town. Sometimes we’ll pack my bike in the car and drop Bob off at City Hall and go to my car-required appointment. Then I’ll go back to City Hall afterward, get my bike and pedal back to the airport so the Bob can use the car for his late afternoon appointment that requires the car for hauling stuff. It sounds complicated but at least I get my exercise.

  4. *amanda* says:

    Hey, LGRaB beauties!

    I just wanted to give any near-NYC riders the heads-up! Registration for the Five Boro Bike Tour in NOW open, and filling up fast!!

    Check my post about it today::

    P.S. — Commuting-by-bike or ANY biking for that matter has been impossible ’round my parts…snow and slush and – most recently – sheets of ice have made up the streets and sidewalks. :(

    Can’t wait to get riding again, hopefully soon soon soon!

  5. Thom says:

    Hi Trisha – Is your Mustang a convertible?! You could drop the top and put your bike in the back seat and drive home in rain/snow, but that seems counter productive somehow. I’ve never been very
    good w/those goat/cabbage/wolf puzzles either.

    • Trisha says:

      Yup, it’s a convertible — and I’ve definitely transported my bike like that before. But in this weather, when I have an alternative I take it. I already raised some eyebrows disposing of my Christmas tree that way. :)

  6. Simply Bike says:

    I had to leave my bike on campus on Monday and it’s still there, locked up outside my office! But our campus/town is pretty safe and low crime so I guess I haven’t been in any rush to get it home. Right now it’s partying with all the other abandoned bikes on campus. Poor Nerp.


  7. Janet says:

    I don’t leave my bike anywhere outside overnight if I can help it after having one stolen a few years ago (granted, it was in Rome, which doesn’t have the best reputation for crime anyhow.) In Chicago, the trains allow bikes, so if I have to, I’ll take public transit home with my bike.

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