Winter Bicycling Footwear

The women-who-bike brunchers are an endless source of regular cycling knowledge on all topics. For example, footwear. While chatting after Sunday’s brunch, I started to notice everyone’s unique, stylish and utilitarian footwear. I get a lot of questions about my winter boots, so I thought you all would be interested in seeing the varied solutions other female Chicago cyclists have worked out.

This is but a small sampling, but goes to show that there are many ways to maintain individual style while staying warm on a bike in the winter.

What footwear do you use when the temperatures drop?

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15 thoughts on “Winter Bicycling Footwear

  1. Steven Vance says:

    (for men) I bought these Tretorn Strala Vinter rubber boots from for my recent trip to Europe. They are slip on, have a fleece lining, and are completely waterproof. They worked great on all the bikes I rode in Germany, Netherlands, and Denmark. And they work great for walking, too!

  2. cycler says:

    I LOOOOOOOVE my Mix Mooz Casablanca boots, which I probably wear 3 days a week or more this time of year. They’re warm but not sweat inducing, nice with skirts, pretty waterproof, and have the perfect 1 1/2″ wedge heel.
    Unfortunately after two tough winters they’re coming apart, and I’m going to need a new pair. I’ve been shopping without much luck. My problem with footwear is that I tend to get fixated on a specific platonic ideal of what I want a particular shoe to be, and have a hard time accepting alternatives.

    My other boots are a pair of ankle height La Canadiennes that I bought off ebay- basic black leather boots with a light lining, and a pair of Uggs with the vibram sole and smooth leather foot. These are cozy but have no structure or arch support, so are less good for cycling or walking.

  3. I got a pair of fleece lined, knee high rubber boots for rain but I found them so comfortable and warm I am wearing them everyday. I would name them my purchase of the season. Little did I know that this year in Chattanooga snow and ice would become a regular thing. I don’t know how I would be on my bike without them!

  4. BikeBike says:

    (for men) – picked these up recently and are perfect for cycling. Converse Hightops, wool liner, wool/rubber outer, gusseted tongue, stylin’!

    I wore them yesterday in -25 – perfecto!

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  6. Jason Tinkey says:

    adidas sambas all winter, with extra thick socks. done.

  7. Julie says:

    I have an older pair of black waterproof leather Keen short pull-on boots which have a wide toe and are a little too big for me. I was going to give them away until I a had the “a ha” moment — thick socks. With a thin smartwool sock and a thick alpaca sock my toes stay warm and still have room to move. Now, the hands, that’s another story…

  8. Carolyn I. says:

    I wear my North Face boots. Super warm! Don’t have to bike too far, so not a bother to use. Need them right now…-22f (-33c) with windchill.

  9. Lynnety says:

    Fluevog, always Fluevog. Blue Derby Swirl 10 eyelet boots.

  10. Molly says:

    Dottie, have you ever told us where your boots came from? I have been coveting them forever.

    Though actually, I am really happy with my Merrells – I got them on sale a couple years ago at the end of the season, but apparently they were so popular they kept this style around.

    Waterproof, lined with gore-tex for warmth, and great with skirts. I’m seriously considering buying another pair for backup when these wear out.

    • Dottie says:

      I have two pairs. One pair is black leather ankle boots that I bought while studying abroad in Russia 10 years ago. Brand unknown. 25 USD and indestructible. Thick leather soles and some kind of fake fur lining make them perfect for winter.

      The other pair is brown suede high boots that I bought from DSW. The brand is Baretraps. Lined with faux shearling throughout. Good thick rubber sole. I think they were about $70.

  11. April says:

    I have a pair of calf-high Totes boots. They’re some of the warmest boots I’ve ever owned, they’re totally waterproof, they’re not ugly, they were inexpensive, and they’re super-comfy on a bicycle!

    They’re *so* warm and waterproof, actually, that I sweat inside them, and when I take them off I have to roll down the top and stuff newspaper in the toes or they stay wet inside! But that’s a fairly minor downside, I think.

    I don’t buy leather new, so getting good boots has been a hassle. I love these.

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