Beautiful Bicycles: Meet My New Bike!

Drum roll, please…

After a teaser several weeks ago, I’m happy to report that a new bike has finally joined the Dottie household:  A Velorbis Studine Balloon: designed in Denmark, made in Germany and sold in Chicago at Copenhagen Cyclery.

Rust-colored Schwalbe Fat Frank balloon tires, creamy white steel frame…

Integrated rear rack with briefcase hook…

Wheel lock, double kick stand, chain case…

Bell, comfy rubber grips…

3-speed Sturmey Archer internal hub…

Brooks saddle, rattan basket, fenders, all around super classiness…

Alas, no integrated lights, skirt guard or fancy leather grips, but that’s what keeps the price at a reasonable $1,295.

I want to be perfectly clear about my acquisition of this bike.  I did not buy the bike, but it is not a tester or a freebie.  Rather, it’s bartered using good old-fashioned economics.  Companies advertising on LGRAB usually pay a certain amount per month.  Instead of money, Copenhagen Cyclery is “paying” with a bike.  I view it as a fair exchange for something Copenhagen Cyclery wants (advertising) and something I want (a gorgeous bike).

I also want to be perfectly clear that the exchange includes nothing about my editorial content.  Copenhagen Cyclery will get an ad on the sidebar, nothing more.  There’s no agreement that I will talk up the shop or Velorbis or write about the bike.  Naturally, the bike will show up as part of my usual posting, just as my two other bikes show up, but I hope that you all will continue to trust that I have not turned into a corporate shill.

Incidentally, if other bike shops or companies are interested, Trisha is open to entertaining offers for an Abici or similar light and classy creature.  ;)

Now that all of that’s out of the way, we can focus on the real important stuff. Like, what should I name her? She reminds me of cream and sugar, a cafe au lait, but how does that translate to a name?

(p.s. Squeeee! New bike! :))

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58 thoughts on “Beautiful Bicycles: Meet My New Bike!

    • Miss Sarah says:

      Congrats! What a wonderful new ride:) And creme goes with everything.

      I always thought Pashley should do something sweet for me after all the free advertising I have done for them. Plus, Copenhagen Cyclery is a wonderful shop run by excellent dudes. Their customer service and the quality of their product basically speak for themselves.

      I’m so jealous, but in the best way! Enjoy your new ride:)

      And remember to saw down the seat post…


  1. chelsea says:

    ack!!! she’s gorgeous! totally jealous over here!!

  2. Angi says:

    Ah pretty bike.

    She looks like a Margaret to me…but I may be way off.


  3. Annalisa says:

    WOW. Very nice!!!

  4. Congratulations on the new acquisition! The cream frame looks nice with the brown tires and I look forward to a comparison between to the Workcycles Oma!

  5. Jennifer H. says:


  6. Sara says:

    I love her! You two are a perfect match. To me, she could be a Juliet (playing off Verona).

  7. Steve A says:

    It ought to be something wintery in honor of when it showed up.

  8. Janice in GA says:

    Nice! Have fun with it!

  9. Congrats Dottie! What a beautiful bike! I really love the color and the contrast with the tires is super cute.

    What about “Chantilly” ? It’s the name of a type of whipped cream flavored with vanilla and powdered sugar that is typical from France and and Spain.

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  11. Doug says:

    Nice, very nice Dottie! New bikes are so much fun.

  12. Brittany says:

    BEAUTIFUL. I am entirely jealous and want one.

    How about Blanche? Or maybe a name from this list:

    I think Chantilly is nice, as Space Rider Gal suggested.

    I really wish I could begin biking to and from work but I think my commute is just too long…the safest route (mostly on designated rail trails is 20.1 miles…the more direct route is 16 miles but goes through the worst parts of town (Traffic-wise and crime-wise.)

    What would you say is the longest reasonable distance for a commute to an 8-5 job?

  13. Doohickie says:


    Does having another city bike mean you can convert ol’ Betty Foy into a drop-bar road bike? You could take a long ride in wintry Texas.


  14. Doohickie says:

    That’s loop-frame version of the new Biria I got for Mrs. Doohickie. She hasn’t ridden since she was in 5th Grade and fell off a bike, breaking her kneecap, so she was particular about getting a bike that was as easy to board as possible. Your Velorbus is a bit higher end.

    • Thom says:

      Beautiful bike, you two look so good together!
      Can I suggest Gabrielle or Gifford(s)?
      Is that too politically insensitive?
      I suggest this only in her support, she is a fantastic woman.

  15. donna says:

    I’d name her Margot

  16. Nicola says:

    Wow, beautiful!

    I’m thirding Chantilly. Genevieve would be cute, though it’s nothing to do with the colour. The name Heidi makes me think of the Alps, and snow, and, y’know, white.

  17. Ash says:

    Did you end up going 50cm or 54cm? Love the basket addition too!

  18. Simply Bike says:

    Congratulations on the gorgeous new bike! Enjoy many many happy rides with her – you two look beautiful together already :)


  19. Cheryl says:


  20. Jennifer says:

    It’s gorgeous and I’m jealous! You lucky duck…

  21. Amy says:

    Very pretty! I second Cheryl for Blanche! That’s exactly what I was thinking. :)

  22. Be careful with your fat franks – not the most puncture resistant – had to remove the lovely white pair on my Yuba Mundo after it got its 3rd puncture in a few months ….. Use tyre liner or slime tubes may help … but then your whole assembly is way lighter than a 45lbs bike with electric motor and 2 kids on the back …

  23. Daniel Evans says:

    Congrats on the new bike Dottie! She is beautiful and classy. I would expect nothing less for you!

  24. nicolas says:

    I submit Rustine. It means ‘tire patch’, but it sounds old-fashioned, like popular names from the 50’s, Christine or Martine. And it’s got ‘rust’ like those red tires. Pronounced with a ‘ü’.

    • Frits B says:

      Ah, you thought Chantilly was too lacey (the effect of a lot of rust).

      • nicolas says:

        Heh, kinda! More to advocate for the name: this is a solid bike (I own a Velorbis too) like Oma, but it looks more rugged than a classic omafiets, more fun too, with the colour scheme and the fat tires. I like “chantilly”; however, to me, the typical Chantilly would be a mixte with the classic French frame, a bike that would look/be lighter, airier, more precious. And I just like the way “Rustine” rolls off the tongue and lends itself to variations: “little Rustine”, “good ol’ Rusty”, etc.

      • E A says:

        total sweetness! when can i meet her?

    • Anne Hawley says:

      “Chantilly” was my very first thought, and I see that I was not alone! That is one whipped cream cream puff of a gorgeous bike!

  25. Mr Colostomy says:

    I recognise the rack, it is the same one which came with my Danish DL-1. I assume the Velorbis logo is detachable so you could put a light there if you wanted. The briefcase clip is really useful, I use mine for carrier bags when I buy too much for my pannier at the shop, or for my D-lock when I can’t fit it in my pannier.

    I have the same Fat Franks on my Yuba too, but I’ve not had much trouble with punctures myself. They are a good trade-off between cushy and fast, and surprisingly good in the snow.

    Have fun

  26. Nuresma says:

    Really nice! I love it.

    • neighbourtease says:

      No problems with punctures with my fat frank tires, either, and our NYC roads are crap at best. I find when I check their pressure on Monday mornings they’ve barely lost any pressure. Fwiw, I think they roll better at lower PSIs.

      Congratulations on your new bike!

  27. velojoy says:

    Congrats on you new acquisition. Such an elegant ride!

    • Bill says:


      I am so glad you received this beautiful bike! You certainly deserve it with all the work you put into this blog – of which is a tremendous resource to us who enjoy bikes. I wish more vendors would send you free items to try and review. After all we readers are the real beneficiaries from your work. Thanks for you willingness to share your city biking experience with all of us!

      Atlanta, GA

  28. […] may have already read about Dottie’s beautiful new bike via her post yesterday over at Lets Go Ride A Bike.   After the January edition of the “Women who Ride” brunch yesterday (more in another […]

    • Gin says:

      Congrats! It’s lovely. I look forward to hearing how the ride compares to your other bikes.

      • Bill says:


        The bike is beautiful! What type of mirror do you have on this one? I always have trouble finding a mirror I like because it seems like most either what to fit on the bar end or are made for drop handlebars. I thought I would never say this but I really like the color of this bike.

        Atlanta Ga

  29. Bill - Iowa City says:


  30. Maureen says:

    She is awesome! I like “Blizzard”. ENJOY!!!

  31. I need a deal like this! Hey Workcycles, I’ll be your blogger in the Southwest!

    Really lovely bike and the basket goes with it quite well.

  32. Red says:

    Great bike, tres chic, tres formidable..

    Good to see Sturmey Archer gears again. My first bike had them over 50 years ago.

    On a good day with a following breeze sometimes the 3 gears become 4.

    Bonne route!!

  33. beany says:

    looks so gorgeous! Coco is the perfect name.

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