Friday fun time

It’s finally Friday, and after an interminable week I am headed to the ATL for a weekend with friends. For your entertainment, here are some random shots from the week, with commentary.

It has been a dry fall (poor Nashville; this year we’ve had the coldest winter, wettest spring, hottest summer and driest fall on record for a while) but there is still some beautiful fall foliage, though this tree is a lot more bare today than it was on Monday when I took this picture

I don’t think I’ve ever expressed my dislike of bike racks that don’t work with non-diamond frames. Although diamond frame or not, I never see anyone using this rack as it’s intended to be used. Too complicated!

For the past few months I have been completely obsessed with Mumford & Sons. And I am seeing them LIVE on Monday. Can. not. wait. This song is perfect for the morning commute.

And now, back on the bike to head in for the last day of work this week!

What have you liked/disliked/loved this week?

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12 thoughts on “Friday fun time

  1. bongobike says:

    That rack has got to be the most idiotic design I’ve ever seen. I had to use one once and I simply locked the bike to one of the vertical tubes. What’s the point of hanging the bike from the main triangle?

  2. cherrymagpie says:

    The fall color is lovely in Portland right now, but we’ve had a couple of ridiculously wet commuting days. This will be my first fall and winter as a full-time car-free commuter, so I’m mustering my fortitude for the months ahead…

    • dukiebiddle says:

      With the proper gear after you get used to it the weather won’t phase you at all (well, it would in extreme weather places, but shouldn’t in Portland). Changes in the weather seem to effect me now as a cyclist far less than it used to as a driver/pedestrian/public transport user. Rain? I’ve got the gear for that. 20 F morning? I’ve got the gear for that, etc., etc. I actually look forward to all of it; as opposed to the old days when I’d get soaked or freeze to death running between the building and my car, or walking or waiting for a bus in the rain.

  3. dukiebiddle says:

    Interesting, or worse – “artistic” bike racks drive me absolutely bonkers. I think those of us who actually use bikes and bike racks can agree, nothing beats a simple staple.

  4. Cathy says:

    Those dreadful t-bar racks! That’s all I have at work, and I’ll only see one bike in 50 used the “correct” way.

  5. Dave says:

    It’s been kind of a crappy week, to be honest. It’s been cold and grey and drizzly (but the building heat at work has had our office at 85 degrees, ugh). Disaster at work while my co-worker is gone, so I worked long hours Monday and Tuesday, then this yesterday. Add that to some major work issues my wife has been having, and we’re pretty tired. But thankfully, because of my long hours early this week, I’m leaving work today before 3pm, so I have a good 2 hours of extra weekend!

    Tomorrow for lunch we’re meeting the two ladies who run the farm where we get our milk, so that should be fun :)

  6. maureen says:

    I’m loving the autumn weather, and the fall foliage. This week has been extremely stressful, and actually the month has as well. I’m looking forward to November. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  7. Doug says:

    Trisha, Love that top photo!

    What have you liked/disliked/loved this week?

    I liked the fact that I’ve got this bike commuting thing down. When everyone else in the Midwest was making excuses why they couldn’t ride during the big windstorm, I simply got on my bike and rode to work like every other day. Heavy rain, 50-60 mph wind gusts off Lake Superior….pshawww! And you know what? I enjoyed every ride because I’d rather be on my bicycle than sitting in a car/bus.

  8. scott t says:

    i have a large 22 inch frame and that type of racks works well for my bike except when i have a basket on the back of my bike. then the weight will pull the bike rear down. square tube bike racks with vertical supports for front tires and horizontal rails seem to be the best and sturdiest.

  9. Ben says:

    They have those racks by my school, they suck. I’v never used them they way that they are intended as it puts all of the bikes weight onto my brake cables and I feel that they make it easier to steel my wheels.

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