Russ & Laura in print

Over the summer I had the pleasure of meeting Russ and Laura of The Path Less Pedaled during their three-week stay in Nashville. These two have a gift for getting to the heart of what makes a city tick—especially when it comes to bike-related matters—and seeing Nashville through their eyes was a real treat. (Especially since they turned out to be big fans of my adopted hometown!)

Russ & Laura with the Bat outside Fido

Somehow, between touring across the country, metalsmithing (Laura) and taking stunning photographs (Russ), they’ve managed to pull together an e-book full of advice for touring, Panniers & Peanut Butter, that’s available for download for  just $20.

Anyone thinking of setting out on a bicycle tour can benefit from the experience of these two pros, who are currently in the home stretch of their cross-country tour. After the jump, read the intro (click on the image to make it larger).

Panniers & Peanut Butter Intro

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5 thoughts on “Russ & Laura in print

  1. What a cool project! And it’s made that much better by the beautiful photography.

  2. sara says:

    I love following Russ & Laura’s blog. Russ is such an amazing photographer. So hoping they swing through New Haven on their way up to Boston. Cool that your paths crossed.

  3. Dottie says:

    Awesome – good for them! I hope to take some kind of bicycle tour, someday. I’m sure that book would be an amazing resource.

  4. […] our wonderful readers and supporters who have already bought a copy! Also, a big thanks to EcoVelo, LetsGoRideABike, BikeCommuters, RocBike and CarFreeAmerican for posting about the […]

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