Joy Ride

Mr. Dottie and I did not leave town for this American holiday weekend, but the city can be beautiful and relaxing if approached with a fresh eye.  When we woke up early Saturday to a bright, clear and crisp 51 degree morning, we headed straight for our bikes.  A leisurely ride along the lakefront and through a butterfly sanctuary was the perfect start to the weekend.

This was a true joy ride.  The weather was perfect and I was excited to don tights for the first time of the season. Goodbye, Summer! I’ll miss you in December, but for now I’m ready for autumn.

How are you spending the holiday?

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12 thoughts on “Joy Ride

  1. Miss Sarah says:

    I miss Chicago! And yes, it’s Autumn here too. Need to replenish my collection of tights.

  2. Such beautiful photos! I’m also loving the cooler weather for running and biking!

  3. Traci says:

    Pretty photos! We’ve had wonderful weather also, although not quite as cool as yours – our highs have been in the 70s and 80s, but I’ll take that over 100 degrees any day! I can’t wait to be able to wear tights though!

    We’ve had a nice relaxing weekend also, including going to the annual Dragon*Con parade.

  4. Autumn’s sweet chill has just started in our little part of England – I too enjoyed a pushbike ride with my MR Right! The sun is low and golden here and the ride through the parkland was glorious…but definately need tights tomorrow!
    Love the photos! Happy holidays x

  5. saskia says:

    wow Dottie – such BEAUTIFUL photographs. those lazy hazy days of summer…
    can’t wiat for ours to start :-)

  6. Amy says:

    We’re feeling the fall starting to creep in here too. It started with a cooler breeze here and a hint of the fall smell there and has progressed into a mild head cold. Hasn’t stopped me from getting out there and riding though! Bring on fall! :)

  7. NancyB says:

    It was a beautiful weekend in Chicago. My family headed down to Starved Rock for some hiking and camping at Illini State Park. Illini SP is a great alternative to Starved Rock which fills up very quickly.

  8. Scott says:

    I went to Saugatuck, MI this weekend for a ride in the country. It’s nice to stretch out the legs sometimes and ride on smooth roads with very little auto traffic. But once in a while is enough for me — I belong in the city.

  9. John says:

    We spent the holiday on Cape Cod and Newport R.I. with our visitor from Chicago. #2 son’s new lady.

  10. Maria says:

    All of these photos are just so stunning. I spent the holiday at my parents’ cottage in northern MI. I agree with you, I’m so ready for fall.

    P.S. Just wanted to make sure that you received my photos. Send me an email when you get a chance.



  11. maureen says:

    Beautiful photos, as usual! I love those blue skies. Fall has not yet begun where I live. I am looking forward to it!

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