Bike Fun with Girls and Bicycles

On Saturday Mr. Dottie and I had the privilege of spending the whole day with Miss Sarah of Girls & Bicycles and her husband Don. We showed them Chicago, local style. First they came to our place to get fitted on Oma and Sir Raleigh. Despite the height differences, the bikes worked out.

Then we rode a few miles to the Bucktown/Wicker Park neighborhood, where we had brunch at Toast and walked around. While Sarah scored at the BCBG sale and the thrift store, I finally found a good straw hat at Goorin Brothers hat shop. Eventually we ended up at the gem of the neighborhood, Copenhagen Cyclery. Much riding of awesome bikes and talking of sustainable living with owner Brett and manager Phil ensued.

We all had lots of fun with the Velorbis Mobii.

Then we rode the Larry v. Harry Bullitt.  That bike got the best of me – I could not even ride it a few yards without bailing, lest I fall over.  Something about the steering is very odd, but Don and Greg managed to figure it out.

After the shop, we drank delicious cocktails at The Violet Hour speakeasy.  Our drinks: Swingin’ on the Lawn, The Etiquette, Georgia Peach, Tattooed Seaman, Tequila Old Fashioned, and Juliet and Romeo.

Next we bought wine and picnic food from The Goddess and Grocer and rode our bikes to watch To Catch a Thief in the park with bike friends Elizabeth and Dean, before finally returning home 12 hours after we set off.  A very good day!

Sadly, Sarah and Don – and their crazy foreign accents – are now heading back to Canada.  I’ll have to start planning my trip to Edmonton.  :)

You can see more fabulous pictures of the whole day from Sarah at Girls and Bicycles.

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11 thoughts on “Bike Fun with Girls and Bicycles

  1. kdt says:

    I love my Bullitt – the key to riding it is to look about 5-10 feet in front of the front wheel. The last pic (don’t know who it is) shows the right way. Every time I start looking at the front wheel, I’m all over the place. (I love the pink one, by the way!)

    • Dottie says:

      Maybe that’s the problem – I was mesmerized by that front wheel. (The last pic is of my husband.) Good to hear from a Bullitt-owner. There’s only so much I can tell from a bike after a short ride, so the best info always comes from those who spend every day with a bike.

      I love the pink, too!

      • kdt says:

        I will admit to being really nervous and more than a little wobbly my first time out on my Bullitt – I had the added pressure of leaving from the LarryvsHarry showroom on Frederiksborggade, one of Copenhagen’s busiest bike routes, with Hans (a/k/a Harry) watching me (and laughing at my ineptitude).

  2. Your blog is so lovely.

    If you want to go to Edmonton and if you want to be green, there’s a train from Toronto to Edmonton direct, three days a week. It takes two days so it’s definitely the scenic route. You see more if you go during the summer months when the days are longer. If you’ve never been on a big long train before, it might be fun. I don’t know the best way to get to Toronto but if you want to take the train there too, it’s five hours Chicago-Detroit (Windsor) and another four hours Windsor (Detroit) – Toronto.

    I like trains myself so I thought I’d share the love :)

  3. Mandy says:

    This is like when two television shows or movie franchises do a crossover episode and the whole is more than the sum of its parts. How great to see people being brought together over long distances thanks to a shared interest in sustainable transportation. Fun!

  4. Kara says:

    What a perfect day! I love movies in the park. And as a hat lover, I am in love with your new hat. It looks so cute on you, Dottie!

  5. sara says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, two of my favorite bloggers hanging together, riding, imbibing, & watching a great old movie. Would love to have joined you!

  6. Miss Sarah says:

    Don felt excited about the bullit but still thought it was a bad idea when I suggested sitting on the cargo rack. Too much too soon!

    We have always wanted to visit Chicago and I’m so happy that once we finally got around to it there was a good bike friend to meet as well. Bonus! Funny because you would think all we would talk about is bike blogging, but that didn’t dominate the dialogue at all.

  7. We borrowed a Bullitt this weekend and I ended up loving it. I had felt the way you did when I’d taken one around the block unloaded last year, but with a load and more time on the bike it handles beautifully.

  8. meligrosa says:

    LURVSSSSS!! yea the bloggieverse gets close and closer and all the bikey lovers unite
    hugs ladies, and fine gentlemen :D

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