The Sweetness of Riding a Bike

I’ve talked before about how bicycling can help you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and boost your body confidence. Put the two together and what do you get? Cupcakes, of course! Also, cookies, gelato and whatever sweet treat you like best.

That’s right – a major benefit of riding a bike is enjoying the sweetness of life. Many people tend to live in a never-ending state of stifling guilt, wherein they eat something decadent, feel bad about it, hate their body and berate their lack of willpower. Whether they can summon the energy to go to the gym is a make-or-break determination of their self-worth. What should be a simple enjoyment becomes a torture.

That is no way to live.

Here’s an alternative: ride a bike; eat a cupcake; smile.

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Let your body work for you as part of your everyday routine, not as “exercise.” Then reward your body with a sugar high. You deserve it. And ease up a little on yourself – perfection is an unworthy goal. Everything will balance itself out in the end.

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29 thoughts on “The Sweetness of Riding a Bike

  1. I love that little awning. It makes me think that dessert shop is really tiny. Which would be so precious. but I’m sure it’s probably normal size. Have I told you lately that I love your blog?


  2. Dave says:

    And cook with bacon fat and butter, for goodness sake. You will be so much happier :)

  3. Maggie says:

    So positive! That’s a great incentive to get out on your bike. :-D

  4. cycler says:

    I need to find one of these great cupcake places that people rave about. I’ve tried some “gourmet” cupcakes, but they’ve not been all that. Perhaps because they’re imitations?

    Perhaps I should bike to some of the ones people exult about!

    Hear hear on the eat to live/ live to eat argument.
    Instead of counting calories in or out, I just try to eat real food. Something made by a real person, or in my own kitchen, no matter how technically “unhealthy” makes me happier than something made in a factory with unpronouncable additives.

    • Vee says:

      I just saw one in Needham ( which is far from you but…) I was not in a cupcake state of mind but plan to check it out sometime soon.

      I love food as well. I am not a dieter by any stretch- I keep thinking about it but I basically work out so I can eat whatever I want. This means I won’t be model fit, but that’s ok. I love olive oil and fresh bread and fresh pasta and spicy sauces and loveingly baked baked goods. Hmmmmm. Horray for good real food!

    • Dottie says:

      Eat real food – yes, very well put! As long as it’s made of real stuff like sugar, butter and flour, count me in :) That’s my definition of health food.

  5. Bikes make good companions & Cupcakes make good dessert.

  6. cb says:

    you are soo right! i have felt tons better about myself since righting my bike! it is the greatest thing i have ever done! i have told numerous family members to get a bike and it has totally helped not just their body but their mind too! endorphins are a great thing!


  7. Miss Sarah says:

    For my baby shower right after Dexter was born I made my sister-in-law order way too many of my favourite cupcakes. That way I had leftovers and ate a few a day for the next week.

    It was part of my post-baby “fitness” regime, for sure.

    And see? Dexter and I are both doing very well:)

  8. Elisa M says:

    If I didn’t ride, I couldn’t eat my sweets. If I didn’t eat my sweets, I probably wouldn’t have the energy to ride. It is the circle of cycling life.

  9. Amy says:

    You just reminded me that I’ve been meaning to get a fabulous cupcake recipe from a friend. She made them for her wedding and I’ve been craving them ever since (and your many posts mentioning cupcakes only makes the craving stronger). :)

  10. Simply Bike says:

    So true! My guilty pleasure: chocolate. Although a good cupcake now and then is fabulous too. S.

  11. I’m not usually a sweets kind of girl, but I do make exceptions for ice cream and amazing cupcakes. Gorgeous photos!

  12. Sean says:

    We have been taking this idea one step further for a few years now here in Calgary – we organize a casual ice cream ride called the Lickie!Lick! in August, with this upcoming ride being our 3rd annual.

    Ice cream + bikes + summer = perfect!

    Love the post!

  13. NancyB says:

    Red velvet cupcakes with home made frosting. Heaven.

  14. Josh says:

    Even if you don’t have lovely cupcake shops close at hand (as is the case here in Hartford, where that trend has barely registered), sweets + bikes is a good combination. I find that by putting a clear-topped container of cupcakes on my front rack, I am motivated to ride faster:

    Best bicycle accessory ever.

  15. David from Madison says:

    +1 to treats and biking. I’m more of bagel person myself. After a long bike ride, my body knows what to do with all of those carbs.

    Now, beer and biking…… another thing…
    But is good at the end of a hot day.

  16. Jenn says:

    This is fantastic! I totally agree- I’m a baker, so between my creations and testing out other places I’m always looking for exercise that’s not exercise and I’ve just enlisted my bike as part of my new routine!

  17. Jen says:

    Last summer we would always bike to the grocery store, buy cupcakes and beer, and bike slowly home so they wouldn’t get to jostled. Guilt free and delicious. :)

  18. gill says:

    Love that bike, totally awesome… is it yours?

  19. Redeyedtreefr0g says:

    I have to say… thank you.

    I’ve been slowly working my way through your blog after finding it recently. I didn’t know it at the time, but you taught me how to start and stop my bike! After receiving a new bike for my birthday I spent free time learning about bikes and especially seat height. I was skeptical that it should go up so high, until I saw your video about how it could work. Later, I’ve found your blog too!

    This particular post comes on an off day for me. Usually I feel pretty good about myself, but today I took pictures of myself and my bike, and I don’t really like what I see. I was doing exactly what you described- berating myself for ruining my salad dinner with 4 measly Oreos afterward. The Oreos were delicious, and I loved them at the time.

    So thank you for this post that reminds me not to worry too much.

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