Chicago Countryside

Chicago is the third-largest city in America. Skyscrapers, taxis, tourists, crime – it’s all there. However, jump on your bike and ride a few miles south of downtown for this scenery.

The Chicago Countryside is closer than you think :)

{I could not help posting more pictures from our Sunday ride.}

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17 thoughts on “Chicago Countryside

  1. Diana says:

    How beautiful! I didn’t realize that there were fields so close to the city up there.

  2. So nice! And I love the Mr’s hat.

    What you describe is what I love about the way Vienna is set up as well. In Boston it is a little more complicated to get to the countryside and more cycling in traffic is involved.

    • Sheena says:

      Those pictures are gorgeous! It’s funny that even as a lifelong Chicagoan, I had no idea that there was an area south of downtown with such beautiful scenery.

    • cycler says:

      Boston is a lot easier than most sprawling cities. It takes an hour of driving out of Houston before you get to anything that could reasonably be called “countryside” Chicago is probably pretty similar in all other directions..

  3. Hakoon says:

    Mr. Dottie definitely needs a Panama hat! ;)

  4. The south part of the lakefront path really does feel like an isolated prairie. When I’m in marathon training I end up doing a lot of running down that way; it’s almost eerie how isolated it is.

  5. eli says:

    Such pretty pictures! :)

  6. cycler says:

    I’m curious- what film/ camera were these taken with- Betty looks practically turquoise!
    The greenish tinge captures the heat and humidity and smell of growing things that I imagine were a big part of the ride.

    • Dottie says:

      I wish I could say this was a cool film + camera combo, but the photo comes from my Nikon D3000 with some processing in Adobe Lightroom. I don’t change my digital photos much, but when I do, I tend to make them look more like film photos (I never change my film photos – for example, the horse photo in the previous post).

  7. Karen says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but Chicago is absolutely my favorite City! I love visiting your blog just to remember it is always there. Very pretty pictures with a rather early 60’s Kodak tint to them. Sort of reminds me of old photos of my parents.

  8. 2whls3spds says:

    Sweet! I need to visit Chicago one of these days, then you can say country came to the city. LOL.

    I have noticed that for some reason in the Midwest in particular you seem to transition from country to town very quickly. In my part of the Deep South you never seem to really get into the country just keep seeing more of the same as it builds into the city. But our towns and cities are smaller and seem to run together. No really wide open spaces. We have country but it kind off to the side somewhere.


  9. don says:

    where is this exactly located i would love to go here

  10. don says:

    where is this exactly located i would love to go here

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